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Our main insurance software development services

P2P insurance solutions Position yourself at the heart of customer market disruption
Front-end customer portals Offer an intuitive, seamless, and fully digital onboarding experience
Claims management systems Maintain centralized cloud-based records of all transactions
Document management systems Stay atop of the productivity curve with new-gen insurance management software
Underwriting software Reclaim the lost productivity hours and reduce operational losses
Dynamic insurance quotes Provide more accurate, on-demand insurance quotes, backed by data
Telematics insurance Offer ultra-personalized insurance options for drivers to expand your market reach
Big data analytics solutions Fuel your operations with real-time data from both internal and external sources

Software development for the insurance industry — our value proposition

Big data, robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning (ML) — there are a lot of buzzwords in the insurance market. At Intellias, we help you determine the right technologies to focus on so you can maximize your operational efficiency and deliver a superior customer experience — all while improving your profit margins with custom insurance software.

Deploy the right technologies for the right business purpose

Full-cycle insurance software development services

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Smart contracts for vehicle insurance

As a technology partner for the insurance sector, we helped one of the oldest European insurers develop a user-friendly application for vehicle insurance powered by smart contracts. Our dedicated team delivered a demo product built on AngularDart technology.

Learn more Smart contracts for vehicle insurance

Data management platforms

We helped one of our clients gain a competitive edge by deploying a consolidated data lake platform for collecting, storing, and operationalizing large volumes of data from internal and external sources.

Learn more Data management platforms

Telematics solutions for fleet management

Intellias developed a comprehensive fleet management solution that provides remote vehicle diagnostics. The platform can manage over 100,000 vehicles with data points updated every 30 seconds.

Learn more Telematics solutions for fleet management

ERP system for streamlining business processes

Instead of choosing an off-the-shelf option, one of our clients opted for custom ERP development and has no regrets. The new platform majorly enhanced document management and drove down operational costs.

Learn more ERP system for streamlining business processes

Now is the right time for custom insurance software development

Disruption of insurance market

New customer demographics demand an omnichannel, seamless, and comprehensive experience extending beyond insurance products. Meanwhile, new InsurTech players are seriously eroding revenue among legacy providers. Software for insurance companies is a strategic investment for securing top market positions over the next decade.

You can rely on our technical expertise to adopt new business models with confidence. Upgrade your legacy systems to meet the new pace of immediate needs and major change. Stay relevant and in-demand by knowing exactly what your customers need. Outcompete other insurance software solution providers by switching from a reactive to a before-the-fact approach.

Digital opportunities for growth

Today, the sales paradigm is changing from protective to preventive. We van see how service-based and usage-based offerings have come to the fore and are already generating major revenue gains for market leaders. Growth opportunities and market challenges are now driven by brand-new value propositions spanning the B2B and B2C sectors.

The question is whether your technical core is adapted to support new business models and value propositions. Having Intellias as an insurance software development partner means you get access to expertise across the financial, automotive, and transportation industries in addition to proven technical excellence in software development, big data analytics, blockchain, and AI.

Cybersecurity is a key priority

The insurance industry remains an attractive target for cybercriminals and fraud. Legacy software for insurance companies is particularly susceptible to exploitation, which can lead to subsequent reputational damage. As your operations become more data-driven, protecting your corporate and customer data becomes a strategic priority.

With Intellias as your insurance software development partner, you can rest assured that your new systems will come with bulletproof security and resistant to elevated risks. Avoid costly fees for non-compliance and protect sensitive data with threat monitoring solutions. Mitigate risks and potential liabilities by incorporating new cybersecurity best practices developed by our team.

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