Anticipate and stay ahead on the opportunities created by new technologies. Neutralize strategic threats — customer disruption and market erosion, steered by InsureTech competition with custom insurance software development solutions, built to last and scale. The insurance market is on the brink of major transformations. Start leading in the digital and data race.

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Our services

P2P insurance solutions

Position yourself at the heart of customer market disruption

Front-end customer portals

Offer an intuitive, seamless, and fully digital onboarding experience

Claims management systems

Maintain centralized cloud-based records of all transactions

Document management systems

Stay atop of the productivity curve with new-gen insurance management software

Underwriting software

Reclaim the lost productivity hours and reduce operational losses

Dynamic insurance quotes

Provide more accurate, on-demand insurance quotes, backed by data

Telematics insurance

Offer ultra-personalized insurance options for drivers to expand your market reach

Big data analytics solutions

Fuel your operations with real-time data from both internal and external sources

Our value proposition for the insurance industry

Big data, robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning (ML) — there are a lot of buzzwords in the insurance market. At Intellias, we help you determine the right technologies to focus on so you can maximize your operational efficiency and deliver a superior customer experience — all while improving your profit margins with custom insurance software.

Deploy new service-based offerings

Usage-based insurance is the new norm. Our insurance software developers have cross-domain expertise in telematics and location-based services that you can leverage to your advantage

Personalize the sales experience

Tailor your offers based on customer demand, price tolerance, and usage patterns. Enhance your upsells and cross-sells by basing them on real-time data instead of educated guesses

Eliminate low-value processes

As an experienced insurance software development company, we can suggest elegant technical solutions to persistent operational bottlenecks in underwriting, claims management, and document management

Reduce operational costs

Add new technology to your legacy products to compete with digital-first players. Boost your agents’ efficiency with RPA, ML, and cloud-based solutions to speed up day-to-day operations and increase customer satisfaction

Boost agents’ productivity

Empower your agents with new tools to review, manage, settle, and record more claims in the same amount of time. Boost your operational performance with insurance agency management software built according to your specifications

Future-proof your profits

Stay ahead of customers’ changing demands and predict their behavior. Intellias develops custom insurance software solutions infused with the latest ML and AI capabilities to translate large volumes of data into market-ready insights

Deploy the right technologies for the right business purpose

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