Intellias Collaborates with Renesas to Jointly Develop Connected Car Solutions

The collaboration is aimed at showcasing Renesas’ technologies elevated with Intellias software engineering excellence

Munich, Germany – March 2023 – Intellias, a global technology partner to Fortune 500 companies, is delighted to announce its collaboration with Renesas Electronics, a world-leading semiconductor manufacturer. Intellias will work with Renesas to develop joint solutions for connected cars, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), and the gateway market.

Joint development will provide Intellias an opportunity to showcase its expertise in software-defined vehicles, extended connectivity, and digital interfaces and will reinforce Renesas automotive engineering capabilities. Together, the companies will be able to create fully working demos and prototypes of in-vehicle and on-edge solutions to present technological breakthroughs at global events.

The collaboration between the companies is developing intensively. Together with Renesas, Intellias has built an Automotive Portable Kit based on the automotive grade R-Car H3e system on chip (SoC), which provides high-end computing power for processing large volumes of vehicle data in real time, making it ideal for a broad range of applications. For the Automotive Portable Kit, Intellias used SoC functionality for in-vehicle infotainment systems and an integrated digital cockpit.

This first joint project demonstrates Intellias strong commitment to providing best-in-class services to end customers. It results in combining automotive-grade hardware provided by Renesas with the high-end digital features of a modern in-vehicle human machine interface (HMI) system developed by Intellias.

Intellias has already presented the Portable Automotive Kit developed with Renesas at global technology events including:

  • Automobil-Elektronik Kongress in Ludwigsburg, Germany
  • COVESA (Connected Vehicle Systems Alliance) all members meeting in Detroit, Michigan
  • Bosch Connected World in Berlin, Germany
  • Electronica Trade Fair in Munich, Germany
  • CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Currently, both the Renesas and Intellias teams are working closely on the second phase of the Portable Automotive Kit demo, with the aim to showcase capabilities of the real-time Arm® Cortex®-R7 (CR7) processor incorporated into the Renesas R-Car H3e. The Intellias team is integrating the Renesas CR7 SDK with the Intellias Automotive Portable Kit to support real-time operations and functional safety compliance. This integration with the Cortex-R7 processor will enable fast booting of existing solutions, virtual display support to Intellias port of the Renesas Android 10 Board Support Package (BSP), and enhanced interactions between the instrument cluster and infotainment system. Both teams are excited to present the results of the collaboration at forthcoming events:

  • Embedded World 2023, March 14-16, in Nürnberg, Germany
  • Electronica Trade Fair 2024, November 12-15, in Munich, Germany

Renesas is excited to welcome Intellias as an R-Car Consortium member. Combining Intellias expertise with our capabilities in automotive technology has resulted in the latest version of the Intellias Portable Automotive Kit. We look forward to continuing our collaboration with Intellias to expand R-Car solutions.

Naoki Yoshida, Senior Director, Automotive Digital Products Marketing Division at Renesas

As the next step, Intellias will become a member of Renesas’ automotive ecosystem program, the R-Car Consortium. The consortium is a network of partners and vendors that reinforce Renesas’ technologies with specific expertise, tools, and applications and promote them in the wider market. Intellias is an ideal match for Renesas, covering the company’s specific needs in automotive software development to build practical solutions globally.

The Intellias team is honored to partner with such a great technology company as Renesas. Together, we can build innovative solutions for software-defined vehicles, demonstrating Renesas’ automotive-grade hardware capabilities and Intellias’ software engineering excellence. Being a part of the R-Car Consortium enables Intellias to get early access to technologies and tools, increase our industry knowledge, share our experience with our clients, and build cutting-edge products.

Adam Konopa, Technology Director at Intellias
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