Intellias: An AUTOSAR Partner

Efficiently contributing to industry growth with safe and standardized solutions

Since 2022, Intellias has been an AUTOSAR (AUTomotive Open System ARchitecture) Partner. AUTOSAR is committed to building, sustaining, and growing global partnership among leading companies in the automotive and software industries, creating and establishing a standardized software framework and open electrical/electronic (E/E) system architecture for intelligent mobility.

As an AUTOSAR Partner, Intellias develops future-proof software architectures and components based on a deep understanding of engineering processes and a bird’s-eye view of the entire software development lifecycle. Learn how we apply our AUTOSAR expertise to clients’ projects related to the development of embedded systems for modern vehicles and safety-critical ECU technologies such as autonomous driving, connectivity, and digital cockpit systems.

Autosar eBook cover

Get your copy to explore:

In this eBook, we share our practical experience of applying both Classic and Adaptive AUTOSAR Platforms with the most recent software stacks to implement AUTOSAR projects.


Downloading the eBook, you will learn practical use cases of how to:

  • Develop Safe API for hardware accelerators, applying the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform
  • Drive complex AUTOSAR Rust and C++ projects
  • Integrate NDS.Live with AUTOSAR architecture
  • Create an ECU module connected to digital cockpit prototype using Vector AUTOSAR Classic and Vector AUTOSAR MICROSAR
  • Build an AUTOSAR-compliant infotainment system

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