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Turnkey Logistics System to Orchestrate Product Management Processes

We’re developing a fully fledged backend middleware platform to streamline logistics operations and supply chain management

Key features

  • Save on operational time and costs

    Save on operational time and costs

  • Automate document flow

    Automate document flow

  • Simplify product management lifecycle

    Simplify product management lifecycle

Industry: Retail, Transportation & Logistics
Headquarters: Ohio, USA
Market: Global
Team size: 9 members
Cooperation: 2019 – present

Android / AWS / AWS Lambda / Azure Functions / Cognito / Google Store / Node.JS / RDS / Serverless / SQS / Terraform

Business challenge of a Fortune 500 company

​Our client is a US-based multinational manufacturer of rubber products and is one of the world’s largest tire companies ranked on the Fortune 500 list. With operations in most regions across the globe, the company develops, produces, and sells a wide range of tires for passenger automobiles, race cars, motorcycles, trucks, aircraft, SUVs, farm machinery, and heavy earth-moving equipment.

​Today, our client operates around 1,100 tire and auto service centers, offering its products for retail sale and providing car repairs and other services.But the digitization of businesses and industries drives them to fundamentally revise their fleet maintenance and management processes. To keep up with industry trends, our client wanted to build fleet management software (FMS) that would help them become more competitive on the global market by automating document circulation, simplifying the workflow, and streamlining the overall tire management lifecycle.
Turnkey Logistics System to Orchestrate Product Management Processes

Solution delivered

Our client created the first version of the logistics management solution in-house and worked with a third-party vendor to refine it. However, they continued to experience challenges with the performance and extensibility of the platform. Time-consuming operations and the high cost of implementing features led them to conclude that they needed a brand-new application to improve usability and personalize the user experience. This is when they approached Intellias to become their strategic partner and help them breathe new life into their product. With vast expertise in mobile and SaaS development based on AWS laaS as well as in DevOps consulting services, Intellias was a good match to develop an Android mobile application and cloud-based middleware.

Intellias experts are working on a new fleet online system (FOS) that supports the daily tasks of technicians and tire-fitters by allowing them to create and submit electronic job cards for work carried out on vehicles.

To rebuild the logistics management system software from the ground up, we’ve assumed full responsibility for the project and established a dedicated team consisting of two Android developers, two Node.js developers, a DevOps engineer, a business analyst, a UX designer, a QA specialist, and a project manager. At the initial stage, our team is developing a new Android mobile app and a full-fledged backend middleware platform. The next step will include building the UI for a user portal that acts as an intermediary office based on the middleware.

Business outcome

The Intellias team conducted in-depth research into the current logistics management solution and fleet management software development, which involved:

  • ​Outlining stakeholder needs and objectives, business requirements, and the project vision​
  • Updating functional requirements based on end user feedback, assessment of existing application features, documentation, and focused workshops
  • Defining a requirements management approach
  • Documenting use cases at the business and system levels and tracing related business rules
  • Designing a system architecture based on key non-functional requirements for an Android mobile application and cloud-based middleware
  • Defining an implementation roadmap (timeline, estimate, team composition, user story map)

Our client’s internet-based logistics management system software consolidates core functionalities of the current application and a new feature set into a single turnkey solution that covers:

  • Actions on a tire
  • Dismounting a tire
  • Scanning barcodes
  • Reserving a PWT (part worn tire)
  • Mounting a tire
  • Swapping tires
  • Retorquing process
  • WOT (work on tire)
  • Inspection
  • Tire history​

​The solution we’re developing brings these advantages to our client:​

  • ​Gives service providers direct access to information about fleet customers
  • Replaces the standard paper job card process
  • Enables service providers to generate and submit electronic job cards as work is completed
  • Invoices fleet customers immediately, saving service providers time and enabling fleets to manage their vehicles more efficiently
  • Uses images to validate completion of work
  • Prompts technicians to complete full vehicle inspections to increase service effectiveness
  • Rebills all submitted work directly to the fleet customer, without delay
  • Eases the burden on service providers to re-enter information
  • Enables fleets to react to service work in a timely manner and streamline supply chain
  • Shortens payment cycles and frees up valuable service time​

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