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Traffic Management Platform Powered by Edge Device Data

We’re building an actionable intelligence platform that enables cities to move safely, efficiently, and sustainably

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Project highlights
  • Collect and process vehicle data from edge devices in real time
  • Integrate traffic management services within an intelligent platform
  • Ensure a fast and automated response to road incidents
Transportation & Mobility
July 2021 – present
Team size :
11 engineers

Business challenge

Providing road intelligence at a large scale to ensure smarter, safer, and more efficient movement around cities requires accuracy and consistency achievable only with the help of modern traffic management technologies. A US provider of fully implemented solutions for transportation companies and governmental agencies was looking for a way to improve their data processing capabilities. Their AI-based platform unites several apps that derive traffic insights from data collected by edge devices across road infrastructure. The amount of collected data was constantly growing. Consequently, our client required deep analysis of their solutions and market competition to find ways of improving their services.

Solution delivered

Our client had the ambitious vision of improving their in-demand intelligent traffic management platform to enhance the flow of daily life for cities and their residents. Intellias brought this vision to life as a technological partner. Our partnership started with consulting services — providing a competitive analysis of the client’s camera data compared to that of other traffic data providers. Our data scientists compared data quality, verification processes, and format compatibility with competitors’ offerings. After we found strengths and opportunities for improvement, the client decided to continue our partnership to rebuild, upgrade, and integrate their core business solutions.

We moved to developing, designing, and implementing several applications in the scope of the client’s actionable intelligence platform for city infrastructure powered by edge device data.

Violation and notice management app

We are working on a violation and notice management application used for real-time detection of vehicles violating road regulations and for resolving insurance claims due to road incidents. The solution uses cameras and edge devices installed across road infrastructure that recognize license plate numbers, vehicle colors, and vehicle models, comparing the data against an extensive database. This traffic monitoring app records all data related to vehicles, drivers, and incidents and serves as an aggregator of critical insights for insurance claims, solving difficult cases in a short period of time.

Edge device data processing

After receiving a competitor analysis from our data science team, the client continued using our big data analytics expertise in designing their mountable edge devices for capturing and processing vehicle data. The main benefit of these devices is that all data processing is performed within the device itself, so the response time for an incident or violation is much faster compared to similar solutions. The device automatically sends an alert to the traffic control center with information on vehicles and collects critical data for further investigation.

Camera performance monitoring

We’re working on an analytical module that monitors the state of road cameras, the quality of video streams, and operations of the traffic management control center. Our team’s main responsibility is to maintain a stable connection with the cloud, ensure fast response times between devices and software, produce scheduled and regular updates, and set up critical parameters without interrupting devices and software operations on the road.

Traffic Management Platform Powered by Edge Device Data

Integrated traffic management platform

We continue developing and supporting our client’s core business platform that unites various apps for roadway monitoring, live traffic views, and sustainability initiatives via separate subscriptions. Our platform development and maintenance services help the client steadily extend the coverage of their integrated traffic management platform to new cities. The platform relies on a scalable cloud infrastructure and takes advantage of recent advancement in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to increase public safety on the road.

Client’s traffic management platform

Traffic Management Platform Powered by Edge Device Data

Contactless compliance for law enforcement

Our UI/UX team is responsible for the design and continuous improvement of the user interface of a contactless compliance application used by law enforcement. The app transforms how police officers collect evidence and analyze the scene when arriving at a road incident or receiving a reported vehicle theft. Instead of manually collecting vehicle data like plate number, color, year, and model, an officer can simply take a photo of a car via the app. All of the vehicle’s data is then instantly compared with a police database — and even data from live cameras on the road.

Our frontend developers are now working on a multiplatform mobile app and a website that provides social network functionality for police officers. Using a single convenient app, officers can exchange evidence, communicate in a secure messenger, check requests from other departments, and find required data in seconds instead of days.

Business outcome

Traffic monitoring and management systems are critical for big cities. Our commitment to our client’s vision of improving life in cities, unleashing the efficiency of smart road infrastructure, and increasing safety on the road with their intelligent traffic management platform has yielded tangible results. Our client has been able to recognize opportunities to improve their solution by comparing their data processing capabilities with those of competitors on the market and has been able to build an actionable roadmap for business growth.

The client’s integrated traffic management platform is growing in its coverage and is now enabling safer and more efficient movement around cities in Kansas, Idaho, and New York, with a strategy for expanding to other US states. Improvements to the user interface of the law enforcement app enable police officers to easily communicate through their own internal social network and increase the resolution rate of crimes related to vehicle theft and road incidents.

Establishing scalable and reliable infrastructure for the client’s traffic management solutions provides end customers, governmental agencies, and transportation departments access to required services via a single platform that collects all data from edge devices. In addition, these devices can process vehicle data independently right after capturing images to speed up the resolution of road incidents and insurance claims.

The partnership between Intellias and this US-based intelligent traffic management platform provider continues, with plans for improving solutions and unleashing new opportunities to make traffic easier to predict, avoid incidents, and make life in cities resilient and comfortable.

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