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Accelerating the Transition to Zero-Emission Fleet Mobility

We’re building a sustainability analytics platform that helps fleets offset their CO2 footprint and certify climate neutrality

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Project highlights

  • Provide sustainability statistics for environmental protection
  • Ensure compensation for greenhouse gas emissions
  • Generate real-time reports on fleet operations and transactions
Transport & Mobility

Business challenge

As the world shifts towards a more sustainable future, global organizations and governments are putting regulatory pressure on transportation and mobility companies to reduce their corporate carbon footprint (CCF) in order to avert climate change. Meanwhile, the demand for low-emission transportation, logistics, and supply chains is constantly growing. Customers are showing loyalty to eco-friendly business partners, and consumers are choosing brands that minimize environmental impact.

In response to global green initiatives, our client, a leading European mobility service provider, has set a vision for sustainable transformation to become a climate-positive company and guide its customers in decreasing their fleets’ CO2 intensity. To enable the transition to sustainable mobility and logistics, our client initiated building a carbon emission statistics solution as part of a comprehensive fleet management platform for real-time operations reporting. As an experienced transportation software development company, Intellias became our client’s partner in implementing their sustainability platform.

Accelerating the Transition to Zero-Emission Fleet Mobility

Solution delivered

The fleet reporting platform we’re developing is a multifunctional system that helps transport companies build their sustainability roadmap, comply with carbon neutrality requirements, and become greener, more socially responsible, and more efficient. The platform is instrumental in optimizing costs and resource use, cutting emission levels, and ensuring real-time transparency across fleet operations.

Sustainability statistics for climate protection

The sustainability analysis solution is an efficient tool to assess the organization’s ability to effectively handle CO2 emissions and can serve as proof of the company’s commitment to keeping a positive eco-balance. The solution provides:

  • CO2 and corporate carbon footprint (CCF) stats for fleets to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions
  • Aggregated accurate data on carbon emissions from fuel to efficiently calculate climate neutrality offsets
  • Voluntary CO2 compensation measures established by a renowned leader in climate protection and sustainability
  • Certification to endorse fleet owners’ compensation of carbon dioxide emissions
  • Total CO2 emission and compensation reporting across entire fleets
  • Comprehensive visibility into fleets’ carbon emissions and downloadable reports in CSV, XLS, or PDF format
  • Analytics dashboards with an intuitive UI to help offset the ecological footprint

Customized real-time reports on fleet operations

The holistic web analytics platform that we’re building is an intuitive and user-friendly application for ensuring cost transparency, rational resource use, and control over fleet transactions. The system helps fleet managers improve operations and increase fleet profitability. It features:

  • Comprehensible and configurable dashboards showing key performance indicators (KPIs) for fleets
  • Detailed reporting for granular analysis with sophisticated filtering
  • Third-party invoice importing; exporting into CSV, XLS, or PDF format; and scheduled email reports
  • Customized alerts and notifications to notify of transactions or irregularities in real time
  • All aggregated data on transactions (billed and yet to be billed), fuel consumption, tolls, and VAT refunds
  • Multi-language support and review of reports in different currencies

Business outcome

Increasingly, building an environmentally sustainable business is becoming the new norm for transportation companies, and the advanced fleet management solutions Intellias develops for our client have become a game-changer on the market. Our technology partnership has been consistently growing and helping our client’s organization drive transformation towards sustainability goals, advance their commitment to green operations, and gain a leading industry position in terms of carbon neutrality.

With the sustainability analytics platform we’re building, our client has been supporting their ever-growing network of customers and partners in becoming more efficient and achieving a positive carbon footprint. By promoting and implementing sustainable transportation strategies and solutions, our client continues to contribute to the decarbonization of Europe and the future of zero-emission mobility.

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