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Next-Gen Cloud Communications Platform for Advanced Voice Services

We’ve created a suite of intelligent IP telephony software solutions that enable efficient customer interactions for thousands of organizations worldwide

Telecom & Media
Project highlights
  • Manage customer accounts and operations
  • Provide virtual numbers to call centers
  • Guide callers with voice dialog systems
Team size:
10 engineers
2013 – present

Business challenge

A leading German provider of business VoIP, IP telephony, and cloud communications envisaged creating a next-generation network that would bring innovative voice services to domestic and international customers. However, implementing this idea required a strong technological platform that our client’s legacy portal couldn’t provide. Therefore, the first step of their business strategy was building a cloud communications platform offering the most sophisticated IP telephony solutions on the market.

An existing telecommunications client recommended us to our new German client and endorsed Intellias as a proven telecom software provider. After considering our VoIP IP telephony case studies and long track record of delivering advanced solutions, our client entered into an initial agreement with Intellias.

Our client tasked us to undertake a trial project for building a prototype of an interactive voice response (IVR) application. The project involved developing visual components for IVR functionality that allowed for online configuration of human-to-phone and phone-to-human interactions. Our successful delivery of the visual IVR prototype convinced our client to choose Intellias for building their modern VoIP platform.

Next-Gen Cloud Communications Platform for Advanced Voice Services

Solution delivered

We set up a Scrum team of senior-level engineers fully focused on our client’s product. With a well-defined and transparent development process in place, we were able to preserve business continuity while deploying the new platform and putting it into production. Through daily communication and monthly demo planning with our client, we elaborated the IP telephony system design, product requirements, choice of technologies, and our next steps in implementing the platform.

The VoIP system we developed comprises three web portals allowing administrators, customers, and end users to work with IP telephony and configure calls.

Admin portal

We built a web-based CMS for VoIP switch configuration and management, allowing administrators to activate/deactivate customer accounts, change passwords, view billing data, manage subscriptions, and enable/disable on-demand features.

The portal enables users to manage all billing operations and configure per-minute pricing settings for a specific number, region, or country. Administrators can use the portal to generate, review, and send invoices and reports to customers, taking into account call duration, tariffs, periods, etc.

At the technical level, the admin portal facilitates Free Switch integration by allowing administrators to visualize, set up, and update technical parameters of the IP telephony system as well as perform filtration by API addresses.

User portal

Our team architected and developed a scalable, cross-browser, responsive customer portal for configuring VoIP features at different access levels (customers, agents, end users, etc.). We also built a dedicated SIP client that fully replaced hardware phones, saving customers up to 50% on equipment costs.

With the help of the user portal, customers can view detailed call reports, configure how incoming calls will be handled, and even connect their organization’s network to our client’s network of numbers with little to no configuration.

Call center portal

To cater to the growing needs of companies with customer support departments, our client launched a new business model focused on providing cloud PBX numbers to call centers. These virtual numbers have no geographic reference, can be forwarded to any location, and make customers’ services directly accessible in over 120 countries.

To this end, Intellias implemented a dedicated web portal for call operators, allowing them to make and receive calls directly from a web browser. Our engineers developed the portal using the newest tech stack, greatly contributing to the technological maturity of our client’s IP telephony solutions.

As a next-gen network provider, our client focuses on innovative AI-based technologies to offer organizations value-added services that will help them take customer communication to a new level. Intellias engineers have worked on the following intelligent voice dialog systems for our client:

  • Automatic speech recognition (ASR)

Using speech recognition, companies can offer professional voice control and personalize messages by designing AI-based customer dialogs that have the appearance of natural speech interactions.

  • Text-to-speech (TTS)

Text-to-speech functionality allows users to enter plain text and convert it into synthetic human speech to deliver announcements to callers without time-consuming and costly audio production. TTS can also be inserted into the routing plan to simplify navigation for callers.

Our client’s ASR and TTS services are based on AWS, Google, and Microsoft voice technologies. Our team was responsible for integrating our client’s systems with these technologies from start to finish.

Implementing ASR and TTS into our client’s VoIP platform also provided a knowledge base that voice assistants and bot systems can use for dealing with customer inquiries.

  • Interactive voice response (IVR)

With a rich IVR feature set, our client’s platform provides a full range of on-demand services and processes millions of calls per day. Customers can add IVR menus to their call flows to refine their call flow management and route their callers to the right destination. The platform’s IVR functions include auto attendant/DTMF, voicemail, call queuing, music on hold, and more.

Business outcome

By delivering a powerful cloud communications platform for business VoIP and IP telephony, Intellias responded to our client’s unique challenges related to bringing a high-availability next-gen network to the market. With its advanced and enterprise-level features, the platform provides high-definition services to organizations, helping them improve their service support, optimize customer interactions, and ensure excellent voice quality. Currently, our client operates across thousands of cities worldwide, serving over 2,000 business customers, and keeps expanding its global presence and customer service offerings.

Through a series of portals that Intellias engineers implemented, our client’s systems and processes received considerable improvements in billing processing, operations automation, and cost optimization. Bringing more value to businesses not only enables our client to achieve high customer loyalty but allows them to fill new niches and win new markets. Specifically, the call center portal has found immense demand worldwide and keeps generating new revenue streams for our client.

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