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Orchestrating Logistics Flows for Seamless Door-to-Door Delivery

One-stop digital logistics platform connecting shippers and transporters across more than 80 countries

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Project snapshot

While the need for digitally transformed logistics is soaring, the industry’s speed of innovation is still insufficient to allow for fast, sustainable, and cost-efficient deliveries. To challenge the status quo, our client, a multinational freight forwarding and logistics company, has built an intuitive digital platform to enable transparent, frictionless, and sustainable supply chains.

A Gartner survey reveals that 82% of CEOs in supply chain-intensive industries plan to increase investment in digital capabilities across their enterprise. However, more than 50% of organizations have not yet actively started to build a roadmap for supply chain digital transformation.

With a wide global reach and advanced technologies in place, our client is helping over 2,500 leading brands across the world keep tabs on their logistics processes and optimize supply chain decisions. Intellias is working hand in hand with our client to reinvent and enrich their end-to-end logistics management platform, connecting customers and carriers around the globe.
Orchestrating Logistics Flows for Seamless Door-to-Door Delivery

Business challenge

As our client’s presence is expanding to new geographies and markets, the company is constantly raising the bar for their platform’s performance, speed, and scalability. Achieving the company’s aims requires refactoring legacy processes, splitting a monolithic application into microservices, and creating new services. The ultimate goal is to build a single unified system that consolidates shipments across the globe and provide shippers and transporters with a convenient way to meet their needs.

One of the biggest challenges is to rethink the whole user experience. This includes finding the best options for delivery, matching them with the rates of transportation providers across regions, and suggesting the most optimal delivery routes. The next step is to build a robust algorithm that quickly generates the most suitable and affordable delivery options for the user. A revamped user journey will give peace of mind to all platform users, showing shippers the fastest and most cost-efficient routes, helping transporters to pick up orders on the fly to avoid empty miles, and allowing our client’s operations team to manage all logistics processes as efficiently as possible.

As a technology partner, Intellias joined the project to help our client improve the user experience of their platform.

Technology solution

Our team is working on a freight broker web tool that helps customers find the most optimal routes, prices, dates, and transport modes for delivering their cargo from point A to point B.

We’re responsible for designing and implementing the solution architecture, migrating to the new platform, optimizing system processes, and developing and integrating APIs. Our engineers provide solutions for building the best delivery routes using a variety of transport modes and taking into account current rates. We’re also creating an algorithm for delivering the most relevant and comprehensive results to the user.

Once a shipment request is placed, the system suggests the best possible options for door-to-door delivery. It then matches these options with the rates of transport providers to find the most cost-efficient routes.

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Orchestrating Logistics Flows for Seamless Door-to-Door Delivery

Business impact

As a digital disruptor in the logistics industry, our client continues to innovate and revamp their technologies to move up in the customer’s value chain and discover new business opportunities. Our client’s platform addresses the whole logistics and supply chain cycle – from suggestions, booking, documentation, and tracking to exemption processing and analysis – supporting customers on each leg of their shipment’s journey.

Together with our client, we’re building a holistic, integrated, and automated platform and enhancing it with new services and integrations, ensuring high system performance and speed for fast, efficient, and smooth customer service. We’re helping our client to improve the user experience for their product to keep on being the go-to logistics platform for thousands of shippers and transporters around the world.


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