Intellias and HERE Technologies

For Intellias, client partnerships define our business culture. One of the brightest showcases is our partnership with HERE Technologies, a pioneer in mapping and location technology for almost 40 years. Collaboration between Intellias and HERE began in 2015 as an initial project focused on map compilation. With each passing year, this collaboration has grown into a powerhouse of expertise and innovation in the automotive, transportation and logistics, and mobility fields.

Working with HERE on multiple projects involving numerous experts, Intellias has nurtured strong partner relationships, helping HERE to drive results even during times of crisis and deliver navigation, mapping, and location-based solutions to fleets, drivers, and cities across the world.

Over the past few years of our partnership with Intellias, our teams have closely collaborated to successfully deliver critical programs to HERE customers. Intellias teams have consistently delivered on time and on quality. They have been extremely responsive and customer focused, mobilizing quickly to respond to requests, challenges, and feedback. We are looking forward to continuing our close relationship and accompanying Intellias in their global development.
Bart Sweerman,
Senior Vice President, Global Services & Support at HERE Technologies
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Partnership benefits 

Accumulated domain expertise 

Spending years on enterprise-level projects in the mapping, location, and navigation space, we have accumulated deep knowledge in these areas and can solve both business and technology challenges to support HERE in their market-leading role.

Accelerated growth 

Our partnership focuses on facilitating HERE’s growth by providing access to the widest pool of talented engineers and developers in Central and Eastern Europe as well as by tapping into new markets and business opportunities.

Comprehensive management of services 

We provide the required service management to HERE, including software development, engineering, operations, and maintenance services, allowing the company to focus on its core business.

Hardware R&D lab 

Using automotive hardware provided by leading OEMs, we have established an R&D lab to enhance the development and testing of new and innovative software products. This lab saves significant time on delivering new features and implementing recent technologies into HERE solutions.

Enhanced quality

As a quality-centric company, HERE benefits from a wide scope of Intellias services aimed at increasing and sustaining the quality of navigation, mapping, and location intelligence solutions. We provide quality assurance, testing, and map validation services to reach the highest quality at a reasonable cost.

Industry standards

Automotive and mobility solution providers like HERE operate in a strictly regulated environment, and at Intellias, we keep our focus on compliance with ASPICE, NDS Classic, and NDS.Live standards to help ensure alignment and compatibility for end customers.

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Through our long-lasting partnership with HERE Technologies, we’ve cultivated a synergy of expertise and business value that has evolved into a powerhouse of technological solutions in the location intelligence space. The journey that began in 2015 has grown into a dynamic collaboration driving progress in automotive, transportation, and mobility. Together, we navigate change, deliver solutions on a global scale, and shape the world’s mapping and navigation landscape.

Halyna Shcherbata,
Key Account Director at Intellias

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