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When may you need retail software development services?

  • If you’re struggling to understand your target audience and validate their evolving needs
  • If your conversion rate is too low and you’re searching for ways to improve it
  • If your costs are running high and you can’t improve your ROI
  • If you need to accelerate business growth but lack speed and agility

Our retail innovations will improve your retention rate

scheme_retail_2 Security Develop a robust security strategy to protect your data base and prevent massive revenue losses in the long run Learn more IoT Increase conversion rates by redefining customer behavior and reinventing goods consumption Learn more AI & Big Data Make precise sales forecasts and create the right assortments to reduce customers churn Learn more UX/UI Deliver fast and reliable user interface design for web applications, mobile solutions, and other user-focused products Learn more Supply chain management Overcome the challenge of managing products, supplies, delivery, and pickups across channels Learn more ​Indoor Positioning Measure visitor flows to reinforce sales and customer engagement with fast and accurate indoor positioning Learn more App Development Increase ROI and retention rates with personalized care by delivering your offering through mobile apps Learn more
Global retail sector technology spending will grow 8.2 percent in 2020 to total $466 billion, with similar growth rates for the upcoming years.

Intellias is here to help you tackle these challenges

We’ll help you differentiate your company in the competitive market with our retail software services. Boost your digital business strategy by investing in key growth enabling technologies and new digital capabilities like AI segmentation, behavioral analytics, and indoor positioning.


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Smart connectivity to redefine consumers behavior

Our client, a Fortune 500 company with over 150 million consumers worldwide, has developed a smart connected device that could record usage statistics and upload it to the cloud to get actionable insights on user behavior. The company turned to Intellias for customized software that would fit the existing device and adapt it to users’ preferences of doing everything on the go. Intellias came up with the idea to connect our client’s device to smartphones and computers via Bluetooth. As a result, customers got extra connectivity without having to plug in the device every time they want to update or sync.

Learn more Smart connectivity to redefine consumers behavior

DevOps excellence hub for consumer engagement platform

We’ve helped one of the world’s top retailers, a Fortune 500 enterprise operating in 180 countries, build and optimize an AWS infrastructure automation platform and bring seamless experiences to 150 million shoppers worldwide. One of the key roles of our team was to build and deploy a seamless infrastructure for applications that other teams implement. Our DevOps engineers were responsible for different parts of the infrastructure and use one of the most advanced DevOps tool stacks to date. The platform has increased customer satisfaction, bringing in more loyal customers and creating sustainable revenue flows.

Learn more DevOps excellence hub for consumer engagement platform

Microservice architecture to optimize supply chain management

Our client is one of the top tire manufacturing companies globally and is among the world’s leading operators of commercial truck service and tire retreading centers ranked on the Fortune 500 list. They turned to Intellias for our expert help in the development of a fleet management platform to get all the advantages of microservices architecture: optimize logistics and supply chain management, reduce documentation processes, speed up the workflow, and maximize service efficiency. Our experts have implemented a new back-end architecture to facilitate ongoing changes to the infrastructure spurred by emerging microservices.

Learn more Microservice architecture to optimize supply chain management

Digital retail platform with telemetry visualization and analytics

Our client, a Fortune 500 multinational retailer with a presence in over 180 countries, was seeking to orchestrate their next-generation consumer engagement ecosystem. Intellias helped to upgrade platform’s microservice architecture and complex infrastructure that encompassed numerous independent components built on diverse technologies. Our experts helped the client to create a holistic system that would monitor performance, applications, and infrastructure as well as develop a centralized data lake management software for logging and telemetry data.

Learn more Digital retail platform with telemetry visualization and analytics

Business intelligence for retail and eCommerce analytics

Our client turned to Intellias when they needed to upgrade, optimize, and build on their legacy monolithic platform that focuses on business intelligence for retail decisions and strategies. We have upgraded our client’s analytics and BI solution that reports business information to the company’s sales, customer service, and management teams. Our full-stack team introduced enhancements to the UI and enriched the platform with helpful functionality. We’re now launching a code review of our client’s business intelligence solution and migrating it to another development container.

Learn more Business intelligence for retail and eCommerce analytics

Intelligent AI-powered retail chatbot

Our team was commissioned to build an AI chatbot for one of the world’s retail giants as they prepared to release a new lineup of top-class consumer goods. Consistently ranked on the Fortune 500 list, our end client is committed to enriching the rollout of new product lines with innovative solutions for all distribution channels. The retail chatbot we were building had to understand human language and respond to questions about a product’s characteristics. We created an application with extensive AI capabilities that helps sales assistants get instant replies and provide ad hoc consulting to customers.

Learn more Intelligent AI-powered retail chatbot

Retail software solutions for seamless customer experience

More than just eCommerce software development

Intellias team of experts can help you build a robust eCommerce front-end for your business or scale an existing solution to gain a competitive edge over rivals. Intellias developers have extensive experience in custom web and mobile app development. Not only we can build a retail software for business up to your specs, but also our team is here to advise you on your product development strategy and business focus.

Engage with our specialists to explore the best tech stack for your new solution for price optimization, product recommendations, intelligent merchandising or customer analytics. Leverage our cross-domain expertise to make better tech choices, scale your product sustainably.

Next-gen analytics to decrypt customers’ dgital identities

Customer journeys are increasingly complex, spanning over multiple touchpoints and channels. Identify market opportunities by zooming into unmet customer expectations. Capture richer customer insights with the help of big data analytics. Build a personalized rapport with every shopper, understand which products and new solutions your audience would welcome, and what types of sales offers will strike a chord with them.

Intellias retail software development service will empower your teams with the right digital tools, powered by the latest technologies such as ML and AI, to help you better understand who your ideal buyers are, how they want to be served, and which products you should pitch next.

Retail software development to power intelligent enterprises

Keep up with the market changes by introducing a deeper level of automation into your operations. Help your staff do their best work by providing them with real-time insights, both for in-store and online operations. Boost your employee productivity by streamlining repetitive manual work and introducing intelligent assistant tools, powered by robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, and big data.

In-store analytics, advanced inventory management, fleet management platform development, and supply chain optimization are among the top retail software services provided by Intellias. Let our team help you trim down your operational costs and gain value-added digital capabilities that will boost customer experience, and ultimately your business bottom lines.

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