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Improving the eCommerce User Experience with a New Customer-Oriented Order and Return System

We created a new order and return management platform for our client to simplify usability, improve the customer experience, streamline customer service and reduce costs

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Project snapshot

An award-winning British plumbing and heating company that owns nine successful businesses with 4,500+ employees across 350+ branches and sites around the UK and Ireland decided to invest in innovation. Their order management system was outdated, and they needed a new solution to replace it.

Business Challenge

The outdated order management system on the Hybris platform caused many challenges for our client. One of them was that offline orders and returns were not computerized and not visible in the system. This caused confusion among customer support service colleagues, as they could not keep track of offline orders and returns, and online order monitoring was time-consuming. Secondly, the existing system used legacy code which led to poor usability. This resulted in workflow disruptions, productivity losses, and the need for frequent staff training. Lastly, the existing system had limited capabilities for customization and improvements due to the high cost of development and long lead times for adding new features to the website.

Business drivers and objectives

Our client needed to reduce development and maintenance costs for the platform while improving the customer experience. Technical professionals at Digitally Inspired, part of Intellias, helped them do it.

Our main technical goal on this project was to move from a legacy platform to a modern operational data exchange platform. We needed to ensure the new platform was compatible with third-party systems which could streamline data integration. Apart from that, we had to meet the following objectives:

  • Consolidate orders made through all the company’s sales channels and order information within a single system
  • Simplify usability of the order and return management system to minimize entry threshold for the customer service team
  • Enable the customer service team to monitor consolidated orders and returns and view detailed information about them to provide support to customers
  • Improve the overall customer experience by adding possibility to track offline orders and enabling online return process
  • Embrace a market-leading digital strategy

Improving the eCommerce User Experience with a New Customer-Oriented Order and Return System

Solution delivered

Our team of experts created a transparent, efficient, and scalable order management solution designed to fulfill customer needs. Having adopted the latest industry trends and best practices, we re-platformed the old website and migrated to the new system from the legacy one.

The new order management system has enhanced usability. Consolidated order information is monitored in the portal. The solution has advanced search and filtering capabilities along with an outstanding UI/UX. It can track returns progress online and is a single place to monitor both online and offline orders and returns. Moreover, customers are supported in their eCommerce journey because data for their orders is now displayed directly in their personal accounts.

Enhance your customers’ digital retail experience with an advanced order and return management solution

Business value and outcomes

We rolled out a minimum marketable product (MMP) in three months. Then we spent six more months further scaling and supporting it. Our data-driven approach helped us build a customer-oriented order and return management system with high scalability and efficiency.

After moving away from the previous platform, our client saved on the existing software infrastructure, licensing and support, and maintenance team costs. With an easy-to-use web app, their customer service can now focus on core business operations and manage them properly to gain a competitive advantage in terms of profitability and customer acquisition. Thanks to our team of professionals, the client expanded their digital infrastructure to provide better services for their clients.


to build an MMP (minimum marketable product)


increase of created online orders


revenue growth

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