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Our services

Embrace the future of OTT platform development through our advanced OTT app development services.

OTT multi-platform applications

As a company with expertise of OTT developers, we emphasize efficient development and architectural finesse.

Edge computing CDN solutions

Seamlessly integrate your platform with diverse content delivery networks (CDNs) to elevate the viewer experience globally by mitigating bottlenecks and latency.

Content recommendation & personalization engines

Enhance engagement through personalized content recommendations that enable quicker content discovery for users.

Mobile & smart TV applications

Deliver seamless entertainment across devices with expert smart TV and mobile application development as part of our OTT app development services.

Cloud migration & app modernization

Empower your OTT business with seamless cloud migration and app modernization, ensuring enhanced performance and scalability.

IoT-based solutions engineering

Ignite your OTT business with IoT-based solutions, captivating audiences and sparking innovation.

Our approach to developing Internet Protocol television/video on demand solutions 

  • Microservice architecture
  • Modern frameworks and programming languages
  • World-known practices and approaches
  • Scalable and flexible applications with a short implementation time
  • Product development instead of coding
  • High productivity and quick development of new functionality
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Full stability under high-to-critical loads

Our ecosystem partners

Our lasting partnerships with leading cloud service providers enable us to draw upon their immense knowledge base and provide early access to the latest technologies and tools that can be used to effectively address our clients’ business needs. By combining the most suitable features from each of them, Intellias builds powerful multi-cloud core network virtualization platforms with optimized TCO and ultimate performance.


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Success stories

Real-time advertising platform

Intellias has contributed to an advanced real-time ad exchange platform that serves as an innovator in the global mobile advertising market by integrating three large ad publishing companies in a fast and budget-friendly manner than our client had before without an access to such a platform. The mobile-first ad exchange platform empowers publishers to minimize the effective cost per thousand impressions (eCPMs) and access numerous partners globally. The client also benefits by efficiently managing mobile ad campaigns, using ad targeting features, specifying appropriate traffic matching their ad campaigns, and gaining insights through visualizing comprehensive campaign performance metrics.

Next-gen audio | media | voice software development kits (SDKs)

A dedicated Intellias team developed set of libraries that provides a wide-range of functionalities based on cutting-edge technologies such as Android Automotive OS (AAOS)and Android Open-Source Project (AOSP). Solution that we developed uses cutting-edge technologies empowering end-users to create tailored media experiences with renowned providers such as Spotify, YouTube Music, and Deezer. The Intellias team seamlessly integrated personalized media configurations, adaptive audio switching based on vehicle location, and strategic audio source prioritization, leveraging AAOS functionalities. Moreover, their contribution extended to crafting a streamlined Voice SDK, simplifying interactions with standard voice assistants.

Content distribution platform

A storytelling platform that provides publishers and brands with interactive tools to craft engaging editorial and commercial content opted for our expertise. We scaled our client’s R&D capacity with senior engineering talent to increase core team velocity. The project encompasses frontend and backend components, video editing tools, content monetization mechanisms, and advanced data processing algorithms. Utilizing AWS-based continuous integration and development environments ensures efficient workflow management, while the platform’s robust design accommodates a high load tolerance of up to 5 million active users. Additionally, seamless integration with a content distribution network, social media, CMS, and caching layers improve performance and the user experience.

Mercedes-Benz vehicle companion app

In collaboration with Mercedes-Benz, our team developed a cutting-edge vehicle companion app that redefines the driving experience. Seamlessly integrating with advanced Mercedes systems, the app offers real-time vehicle diagnostics, remote control functionalities, and personalized user preferences. Our developers ensured a sleek interface for effortless navigation, while the app’s robust back end manages data processing and secure communication. The app has garnered widespread acclaim for its user-friendly design, enhancing connectivity and convenience for Mercedes-Benz drivers worldwide.
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