Twinning is Winning: Unlocking Data-Driven Facility Management

90,000 hours, which is roughly 10.5 years – is the average time a person spends at work (predominantly indoors) throughout their life. For a responsible business that means ensuring a safe, functional, and comfortable environment for productive working processes with sustainability and efficiency at their core.

Intellias found a way to manage energy, utility, asset, and resource efficiencies. Have a closer look at why you don’t have to be digitally native to apply digital twin technology to your business. Join our speaker for more on digital twins and other virtual replica use cases for various companies.

IntelliTwin platform: visual 3D twin modeling in the cloud

Integration with every type of IoT device or standard

Behavior emulation leveraging artificial intelligence (AI)

Facilitated low-code/no-code scenario development

Meet our speaker

Roman Pavlyuk

Roman Pavlyuk

VP of Digital Strategy

Roman is an industry insider of 19 years, helping mission-driven organizations leverage the power of digital innovation to maximize their impact. A devoted advocate of bringing business relevance to the forefront with technology advisory, Roman is adept at building sustained relationships with partners and clients in order to achieve business goals. His professional portfolio includes the successful delivery of strategy and transformational projects to customers in the USA and the Middle East.
At present, Roman is VP of Digital Strategy at Intellias fostering a strategic vision of the company for becoming a digital transformation leader.

Key discussion points

Embracing technology to overcome uncertainty: using digital twins to tackle power interruptions.

Introducing an AI-powered facility management system based on digital twin technology, enabling targeted scenarios

Achieving 100% energy uptime, cost savings, and applicability to other locations and industries.

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