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ChatGPT-Powered Solution for Evaluating Brand Performance

An innovative analytical tool that leverages artificial intelligence to optimize brand performance evaluation

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Project snapshot

A company developing an advanced solution for providing businesses with industry insights and personalized analytics of their market and competitor position turned to Intellias to design an AI-based brand performance evaluation component.

Our client offers an intelligent product that generates analytical data at all stages of the production cycle and delivers marketing strategy recommendations based on innovative algorithms. To expand the scope of business insights, the company planned to enhance its analytical application with an AI-powered tool that evaluates brand performance on the market.

Business challenge

Our goal was to leverage the fast and ever-evolving analytical capabilities of artificial intelligence to scan multiple media and communication channels and evaluate brand awareness, presence, and recognition. This allows our client to draw informed conclusions about a brand’s overall market strength and create actionable recommendations.

These goals could be achieved by harnessing the analytical powers of AI and ML and using their unrivaled data processing speed and precision to monitor the internet for brand mentions and determine their impact on the business’s reputation. To provide a 360-degree view of brand performance, the solution needed to process data from diverse online sources and produce justified reputation indices.

ChatGPT-Powered Solution for Evaluating Brand Performance

Solution delivered

Our data engineers took advantage of generative AI technology and the advanced analytical functionality of ChatGPT and placed it at the core of the brand performance evaluation solution. The conceptual design also included preparation of incoming data from various external sources — social media, blog posts, online articles — its preprocessing by ChatGPT, and ML-based sentiment analysis. The results of this analysis can be translated into reputation indices that influence marketing strategies and help in defining the business’s competitive situation.

Intellias delivered an MVP validating the proposed solution and allowing the client to accumulate and process historical data.

Unlock the powers of ChatGPT to reach your business goals

Business outcomes

Within just one week, our team completed the proof of concept (PoC) for our client, validating the innovative idea of using ChatGPT’s next-level analytical capabilities to generate important insights and create tailored marketing recommendations. The PoC was supported by an MVP demonstrating the advantages of implementing artificial intelligence in designing marketing strategies:

  • Efficient processing of data from diverse online channels
  • Automatic identification of media resources that can yield data relevant for building successful promotion campaigns
  • Significant reduction in data processing time as a result of media materials analysis by ChatGPT
  • Reliable brand evaluation with natural language processing (NLP) technologies identifying brand mentions as negative, positive, or neutral
  • Generation of media reputation indices to boost marketing campaign effectiveness
  • Flexible scalability, enabling our client to provide marketing insights to businesses of various sizes at optimal cost
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