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Moving towards a technology-led economy, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia steps onto a tough path of digital transformation that requires a radical revamp of governmental, business, public, and private sectors. Intellias, a software company in Riyadh, aims to ease this transition, helping organizations adopt advanced technologies at scale. Our expertise and highly demanded services in cloud computing, robotics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, IoT, blockchain, and cybersecurity will help Saudi Arabia reach global benchmarks of digital readiness within a tight timeframe.

With the culture of innovation in its core and top experts on board, Intellias can guide the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to becoming the world’s next digital destination and growth leader.

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Advanced technologies at your service

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence

Diversify industries, build smart city infrastructures, enable connected vehicles, and enhance banking

Big Data

Big Data

Deliver remarkable customer experience, uptaking data monetization for advanced behavioral marketing

Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Accelerate operational efficiency and optimize productivity with intelligent data-driven insights

Location-based Services

Location-based Services

Adopt mapping and location-based services for vehicle routing, fleet management, or drone applications



Establish a brand-new way of enterprise- or even government-level operations with blockchain in the core



Accelerate both public and private sectors with agility and security by adopting the cloud-first solutions



Build fast and responsive applications or transform your legacy infrastructures into efficient systems



Secure your mission-critical systems working with sensitive enterprise, financial, medical, and private data

Digital Platforms

Digital Platforms

Optimize expenses, lowering maintenance costs of your IT infrastructure with a cloud-based platform

Digital product engineering services

The development of digital products demands the highest level of technical competence from software development companies in Riyadh. To ensure we meet all clients’ needs regardless of their complexity, we have gathered our top professionals into an expert network within Intellias — a Technology Office. Its mission is to collect tech expertise in the company to deliver excellence in our advisory, experience design, and data intelligence services.
Our Technology Office allows Intellias to become a trusted software company in Saudi Arabia and a one-stop-shop to cover all your demands — from ideation to productization.

IT advisory
Experience design
Data intelligence
Intellias Saudi

Product vision and positioning

Define the essence of your product for effective decision-making and further teamwork

Intellias Saudi

Business needs discovery

Reveal actual business goals to deliver best solutions for your most pressing problems

Intellias Saudi

Architecture research

Set stage for precision and accuracy of software architecture design and further development

Intellias Saudi

Solution definition

Move from the comprehensive, detailed solution to its validated implementation and roll-out plan

Intellias Saudi

Technical assessment and design

Specify tech requirements and design solutions with the greatest business value and the least risk

Intellias Saudi

Test strategy

Eliminate risks and ensure the highest product quality by setting standards of the testing process

Intellias Saudi

Data protection strategy

Protect vital data from intrusion attempts and data leaks with a long-term risk mitigation plan

Intellias Saudi

Security assessment

Ensure security at all levels: from penetration testing to reverse engineering of services and apps

Intellias Saudi

Secure SDLC setup

Adjust development processes to build the most secure systems in compliance with SDLC

Intellias Saudi

Mobile security assessment

Make mobile applications immune to security issues and ensure their stable performance

Intellias Saudi

Social engineering protection

Avoid social engineering attacks and eliminate possible manipulation attempts

Intellias Saudi

IT transformation roadmap

Choose the right transformation path and define the best-fitting technologies to make it happen

Intellias Saudi

Strategic IT vision for enterprises

Align the digital transformation strategy with business goals, vision, and environments

Intellias Saudi

Product operation

Make your cross-functional teams operate effectively and ace product management at scale

Intellias Saudi

DevOps process setup

Establish agile development processes to maintain automation and increase operational efficiency

Intellias Saudi

DevOps practices assessment

Evolve, improve, and deliver products and services at higher speed and less spendings

Intellias Saudi

User experience assessment and design

Meet customer needs with human-centered UX design research and services

Intellias Saudi

Product experience renovation

Keep up with the ever-changing digital world and consumer needs with a timely updated product

Intellias Saudi

Usability assessment

Measure usability of products and services to cater up to target audience demands

Intellias Saudi

UI design

Define your brand image and make it impactful with an all-encompassing UI design strategy

Intellias Saudi

Data science solution

Optimize analytics and implement best digital initiatives to drive your business scalability

Intellias Saudi

Computer vision and recognition

Favor decision-making and automate tasks with computer vision and image recognition

Intellias Saudi

“Find the meaning for my data” research

Revise data sources and collection means to get only actionable and meaningful insights

Intellias Saudi

Data-driven decision making and AI

Become a data-driven organization with smart and timely decisions and AI-based predictions

Intellias Saudi

Data engineering solution design

Build a robust data infrastructure with a well-structured, prepared, and visualized data sets


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Pedestrian tracking for</br> autonomous driving
CQRS Framework for</br> cloud-native microservices
ANPR-based automated payment solution
Handwriting recognition software
IoT Suite for Industrial Robots

R&D projects


Pedestrian tracking for
autonomous driving


CQRS Framework for
cloud-native microservices


ANPR-based automated payment solution

Machine learning

Handwriting recognition software


IoT Suite for Industrial Robots

    Industries we serve


    Financial Services




    Public Sector


    Tourism & Entertainment




    Oil & Gas


    Transportation & Logistics

    Embrace the digital economy with advanced technologies

    Why Intellias

    Top 10

    Biggest IT company in Ukraine


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    Years of software engineering experience


    Year to year growth


    Talent pool

    Established in 2002, Intellias is a direct vendor of seven Fortune 500 companies and a trusted partner of leading technology innovators in a variety of domains worldwide. By bringing together our top engineering talent, cross-industry expertise, and broad service portfolio, we help our clients embrace digitalization to meet their business goals and sustainable growth. Providing software development services in Saudi Arabia, Intellias mission is to make your success happen.

    Intellias — a software company in Riyadh

    Driven by the ambitious and forward-looking Vision 2030 goals, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is entering its tech prime. As a proven digital transformation enabler among software development companies in Riyadh, Intellias can help Saudi Arabia unlock the full potential of advanced technologies and become a new leader on the world’s digital map. Since the Intellias teams are currently delivering software development services in Saudi Arabia and working on multiple eHealth projects initiated by the Saudi Government, we know the peculiarities of digital adoption in the country from within.

    Whether you’re just entering the tech ecosystem or already experiencing the digital disruption, your business needs our transformative solutions. Intellias approach to software development and continuous innovation will future-proof your business applications, services, or products. As the Saudi market evolves, our highly scalable engineering capacity will help you get the maximum of its emerging opportunities.

    Human potential is what drives innovation and growth, so it’s no wonder that businesses across the globe compete for skilled experts. Urgent adoption of transformative solutions and a big push to digital initiatives in Saudi Arabia accelerate the call for creative minds. With so many ambitious large-scale projects and the lack of digital talents in the country, I am happy to connect local businesses with a global trusted vendor. Delivering end-to-end services from digital consulting and advanced technologies to deployment and production optimization, Intellias, a software development company in Saudi Arabia, helps businesses in KSA address the challenges of digital transformation.
    Abdullah Alsharqi, Managing Director at Intellias KSA

    Cultural fit

    As a software development company in Saudi Arabia that has been working on multiple projects with the GCC-based organizations, Intellias has a greater understanding of the region’s cultural peculiarities and business landscape. Such practical experience allows us to embrace the diversity of the local ecosystem, further adapting our expertise to its market needs and standards. Creating technology solutions as a software consulting company in Saudi Arabia, we consider not only your business objectives but also cultural nuances to ensure your product or service achieves market acceptance. Fully-involved in the project’s development lifecycle — from its ideation to market readiness — the Intellias team transforms your goals and vision into future-proof digital products.

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    Saudi Arabia

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