Intellias Improves Road Safety with the Proof of Concept Demo Solutions presented at the NDS Annual Conference

Frankfurt, June 10, 2024 – Intellias, leading software engineering partner to automotive OEMs and mobility solutions provider, presented the latest results from two pioneering projects developed with partners to improve road safety and presented at this year’s annual conference of the Navigation Data Standard (NDS) Association on June 06, 2024 in Frankfurt.

NDS.Live – the automotive navigation of tomorrow is dynamic

The automotive navigation of tomorrow is highly connected and capable of dynamically using high-resolution map information, vehicle and environmental data from the cloud to get passengers safely to their destination wherever they are. It is an enabler for powerful driver assistance, intelligent e-mobility and autonomous driving. The Navigation Data Standard Association, an association of international car manufacturers, map and service providers and development companies, provides the necessary technical specifications so that all systems can interact seamlessly with each other for this purpose. NDS.Live is the new generation of the global standard for map data in the automotive ecosystem. For example, NDS.Live enables the use of cloud-connected dynamic data, addresses the data volume of map information and the need to load only the data that needs to be updated over a data connection. It was developed with a highly modularized architecture that enables scaling across usage scenarios in the car, in the edge network (5G) and in the cloud.

NDS.Live and Goodyear SightLine: Working together for greater safety

Maps for navigation usually only provide data on roads and terrain for the destination route. However, additional information can be essential for the safety: For example, it makes an important difference for the calculation of braking distance or safe speed in curves whether a vehicle is moving on a rainy day in Luxembourg or a sunny day in Malta, whether it is driving with new or worn tires.

Intellias and The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company jointly presented a Proof of Concept showcasing precise road characteristics using vehicle-specific conditions and Goodyear SightLine in the frame of NDS.Live. Potential advanced features of modern vehicles made available through SightLine’s algorithms. These algorithms aim is to predict hazardous areas by analyzing tire conditions and weather factors significantly impacting road safety.

NDS.Live and AUTOSAR: Dynamic data exchange for functional safety

As an AUTOSAR Associate Partner, Intellias develops future-proof software architectures and components based on a deep understanding of engineering processes and a bird’s-eye view of the entire software development lifecycle. One area of development within the scope of the Intellias AUTOSAR cooperation is the integration of NDS.Live with AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform. The goal is to show how seamless operation across diverse platforms and vendors is possible and how one can benefit from standardization and interoperability. At the NDS conference in Frankfurt, Intellias presented a proof-of-concept demo for speed limits processing. It showed how the communication with NDS.Live Smart Layer services and speed limits processing can be done by the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform application. Here, the AUTOSAR Platform’s support for high-bandwidth protocols enhance its capability to efficiently manage NDS.Live’s data exchanges. The presentation proves that high-performance computing and real-time capabilities make the AUTOSAR Adaptive Platform ideal for integrating with NDS.Live’s frequently updated map services. It shows how functional safety can be boosted by utilizing real-time map updates for continuously informed applications.

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