Intellias Complies with TISAX Assessment Level 3 

Intellias has passed an on-site audit in the Kraków office for TISAX Assessment Level 3, proving a high level of information security and physical protection 

Kraków, Poland – April 4, 2024 – Intellias, a trusted technology partner to automotive OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers, and global enterprises, achieved a high mark in information security management for its Kraków office according to Information Security Assessment (ISA) requirements by passing an on-site audit for Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX) Assessment Level 3.

By passing TISAX Assessment Level 3 in the Kraków office, Intellias guarantees the highest level of protection for information, prototype parts and components, and data according to Article 28 of the EU-GDPR. The TISAX Assessment Level 3 audit took three days, one of which was spent evaluating Intellias documentation and application form and two of which involved the on-site presence of a certified auditor to evaluate the level of information security in the Intellias office.

Achieving TISAX Assessment Level 3 certification for our Kraków location underscores our commitment to building trustful relations with our partners and clients with an eye on secure operations and the protection of confidential products at early stages of development. TISAX Level 3 certification enables us to continue to drive innovation in the automotive industry while maintaining the highest levels of security.

Oleksandr Odukha, VP of Delivery, Head of Segment Mobility at Intellias

After the latest audit, Intellias has three locations certified by TISAX: the Lviv and Porto offices with Assessment Level 2, and the Kraków office with Assessment Level 3.

The automotive industry and vehicle production rely heavily on secure processes and information security, including physical protection of prototype parts and components. With the purpose of enabling safe and trustworthy collaboration on industrial products, the ENX Association, which unites automobile manufacturers and suppliers, has established TISAX, an assessment and exchange mechanism for evaluating the information security of partners and proving assessment results among participants.

Our successful completion of the TISAX Level 3 audit in our Kraków location demonstrates our unwavering commitment to our clients’ needs by ensuring secure operations and physical space protection. It gives us the confidence to test innovative ideas without compromising on security. We are proud to have achieved this certification, which will bring more value to our automotive clients and foster mutual trust for future collaboration.

Oleksandr Chyzhykov, Information Security Manager at Intellias

TISAX Assessment Level 3 is a widely accepted proof of information security management in the automotive industry, and it is mandatory for companies that take responsibility for the development and storage of prototype parts and components. The scope of TISAX Assessment Level 3 comprises on-site processes and resources, such as those related to the collection, storage, and processing of information subject to automotive industry security requirements. This proof of physical protection and information security underlines Intellias dedication and commitment to cultivating relationships of trust with our automotive clients and partners.

Intellias continues to grow its image as a trusted technology partner for the automotive industry, complying with industry standards and delivering high-quality engineering services and in-demand technology expertise to automakers and solution suppliers globally.

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