Supper & Supper and Intellias Collaborate to Bring to Life Pointly

During MWC Barcelona 2023, the companies share details on the successful software-defined collaboration within Pointly, 3D Point Cloud Classification Using Machine Learning development

Barcelona, Spain — March 1, 2023Intellias, a global technology enabler of sustained success for top-tier organizations and Fortune 500 companies, has shared its role in supporting software engineering project for Pointly development for Supper & Supper. Supper & Supper is the leading full-service data science service provider in Germany that develops tailor-made solutions for machine learning, artificial intelligence, process optimization, and digital transformation.

Pointly is an intelligent, cloud based B2B software solution to manage and classify big data in 3D point clouds. Its innovative AI techniques enable automatic as well as accelerated manual classification of data points within point clouds – making it faster and more precise than ever before.

Point clouds are very detailed and precise data about the surrounding environment with a limited set of attributes, like point coordinates and color. However, currently, there are no convenient ways to process such vast amounts of data efficiently. Pointly tackles this issue by determining to which type of object (a class) every point in a point cloud belongs, e.g., tree, stone, road, building, etc. Knowing the class of every point, the applicable use of point clouds increases dramatically.

With Pointly, numerous automation scenarios become possible: recognizing road signs and road lanes edges, counting trees for a tree cadaster, counting all windows in a city district, etc. Being versatile and easy-to-adapt, the data provided by Pointly is beneficial for a huge variety of industries, including agriculture and forestry, supply network operator, power lines, real estate, public transport services, and construction.

In close collaboration with the Supper & Supper team from 2019, Intellias contributes its expertise to a few services in each stage of development. This includes product design, UX/UI design, technical analysis, and 3rd level of support. By using a vast set of Azure technologies, Intellias supported development of the product as a fully functional, horizontally scalable web application with unique superior 3d-rendering technology.

Cutting-edge solutions are possible once you have the expertise and first-glance mutual understanding. We found that while cooperating with the Intellias team.

Stefanie Supper, CEO of Supper & Supper

Cooperation with Supper & Supper proves an old principle that the synergy of bold ideas and dedicated professionals’ zeal always brings impressive results. Intellias’ team would be glad to continue their innovative work on such cutting-edge solutions as Pointly to enable a things-made-easy approach in big data management in 3D point clouds

Roman Makarchuk, Senior Delivery Director at Intellias
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