Ukrcard Selects Intellias to Provide AWS Transfer Support

Chicago, IL — April 3, 2024 — Intellias, a global software engineering company, has announced a new partnership with Ukrcard, a payment services provider cooperating with VISA, Mastercard, UnionPay International, and PROSTIR, to transfer Ukrcard’s data transfer to new AWS cloud infrastructure.

Ukcard selected Intellias as its transfer partner due to challenges it was experiencing with its legacy, on-center data processing system. This constrained its growth potential and cost the company a significant amount in hardware maintenance.

The news comes as Intellias begins a new developmental drive in 2024 to proactively embrace new designations and programs with its partners. This program is specifically focused on the company’s clients in the financial services and insurance sectors.

Intellias will perform several functions as part of the transferral process, including (but not limited to) the development of a migration and modernization plan, high-speed and low-latency connectivity between Ukrcard’s legacy infrastructure, the creation of a reliable disaster plan that meets Disaster Recovery Point and Time (RPO and RPT) objectives, utilization of AWS tools and services, and ensuring coverage of 50% of the migration costs under the AWS Migration Acceleration Program.

By providing these services, Intellias will help Ukrcard improve its business flexibility and cut its infrastructure expenditures. Ukcard expects that it will then be able to grow its business sustainably, improve its adherence to data handling regulations, and enhance the productivity of its employees.

We chose to work with Intellias as it has an established reputation for providing innovative solutions for companies seeking to improve and expand their technical infrastructure. We believe our cooperation will allow us to significantly expand our processing ability and provide better value to our clients. Intellias custom solutions are the tools we need to expand our business sustainably.

Ivan Makarenko, Ukrcard CEO

Ukrcard is a rapidly growing, dynamic payment processing company with significant expertise that is looking to expand its operational capacity. We were impressed by the ambition of the Ukrcard team and firmly believe we can provide them with the innovative solutions they need to significantly expand the effectiveness and capability of its infrastructure via AWS.

Pavlo Khropatyy, VP, Global Head of Delivery FS&I, at Intellias
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