Project highlights
  • Make contactless payments with phones
  • Deposit and withdraw cash directly at retailers
  • Provide secure and transparent transactions
FinTech, Digital Banking
EU, rest of the world
Team size:
10 members
2017 – present

About the client

Our client is one of Germany’s first digital providers of applications and innovative solutions for banks. They specialize in middleware solutions, community-based banking, frontend mobile apps, and internet banking applications delivered in hosted and cloud environments. The company delivers a custom banking-specific operating system: an innovative digital platform with open APIs. These APIs connect our client’s digital banking ecosystem to non-financial brands as well as individuals and other FinTech companies, which can simply plug into the platform and offer their own branded financial products.

Our client serves a wide range of sectors including banking, telecommunications, and retail. Their banking platform has been recognized as one of the world’s most innovative banking solution, disrupting the traditional banking sector with new customer-focused services.

Innovative NFC Payments Solution

Business challenge

Our client has a large community of users who get financial bonuses for evaluating new products and services provided by the client’s digital banking services. Every community member uses our client’s payment services and one in five is a full-service customer of the innovative digital banking platform. Already counting more than half a million active members, the community is growing rapidly. Straightforward integration with popular social networks only adds to this growth.

In anticipation of an increased demand for new services and custom solutions from their end customers, our client needed to maximize their engineering potential for the development of banking software systems. On the lookout for a distinguished technology partner, they contacted Intellias about collaboration on several customer-related products and provide contactless payment solutions.

Solution delivered

Within the first months of our collaboration, we started customizing the banking platform and tailoring existing solutions to meet the specific needs of end customers.

One of our teams is currently developing a set of backend components for the online and mobile banking system. This system will let users withdraw cash and replenish card accounts at supermarket cash desks, make card contactless payments by phone with Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, and release or block cards when traveling abroad.

First, we integrated a third-party cash deposit and withdrawal service API. For this milestone, we also customized existing two-factor authentication processes for payouts and set up the necessary settlement procedures. The service is available as a feature within our client’s mobile banking app.

The next milestone we successfully delivered was a service that enables NFC mobile payments throughout the EU using mobile phones that support the NFC protocol. End customers can pay for purchases through NFC-ready point of sale terminals without a physical card and with or without an internet connection. The security of payments is guaranteed by Mastercard’s Digital Enablement Service that manages, generates, and provisions digital payment credentials to mobile devices. Our team implemented mechanisms for the correct processing and transfer of tokenized card credentials over encrypted smartphone-to-cloud-and-back communication channels.

Intellias also implemented an advanced authorization feature that introduced one more security dimension to contactless NFC payments. Powered by Mastercard SecureCode and Mastercard Identity Check, this service can approve transactions with the help of Mastercard-issued private codes and one-time identity verification passwords. We integrated with control servers, provided a landing page for secure code input, and developed an advanced error handler and user-oriented push notifications.

We’ve achieved great results together

The NFC payment technology powered solution has been successfully released to market and accepted by end customers. We’re currently collaborating on extending our project capacity to bring new product features and change requests. By diversifying our client’s product portfolio, we’re helping to increase their competitiveness in the dynamic FinTech banking industry.

The solutions we’re developing bring these advantages to end customers: 

  • Variety of cash deposit and withdrawal options at locations including supermarkets and gas stations 
  • Convenient contactless payments at thousands of merchants throughout Europe 
  • Payment by phone even when offline thanks to special authorization keys residing in the mobile device  
  • Simplified shopping experiences with a proprietary mobile banking app 
  • Advanced fraud protection powered by Mastercard