Build a banking product customers love, investors trust, and competitors admire with an experienced technology partner. We bring together the expertise required to architect, develop, launch, and grow a full spectrum of software solutions, from online banking services and mobile banking apps to analytics-driven lending and wealth management products. Position your banking operations to profit from new revenue streams and distribution channels.

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Our services

Transform your vision for banking technology solutions into a market-ready product. Whether you’re looking to launch a brand-new digital bank, modernize existing bank IT infrastructure, or pioneer digital-first banking and financial services, the Intellias team is ready to support you on your journey. We combine deep technical expertise in banking technology with business acumen to help our clients innovate with momentum. Benefit from a full spectrum of IT for banking services to build a cloud-based API-centric ecosystem of banking products.

Digital channel setup

Offer a delightful omnichannel banking experience. Entice, onboard, service, and retain new customers through web and mobile smart digital banking apps. Set up a conversion-driven digital account opening process with embedded KYC and AML practices.

IT infrastructure modernization

Resolve existing technical bottlenecks and replace outdated modules with scalable cloud-native solutions capable of supporting long-term business growth. Transition to a digital business banking model to benefit from the API economy and open banking.

Customer-centric product design

Attract a wide array of target customer personas with inclusive, modern, and convenient banking experiences. We help you communicate your main service offerings through the universal language of a great user experience.

Data infrastructure development

Build a strong technical architecture for securely managing and processing data. Become a data-driven company capable of collecting real-time consumer, operational, and compliance insights for every process in banking.

Back-office automation

Gain extra efficiencies and contain operational costs by using automated data intelligence systems and robotic process automation (RPA) solutions. Digitalization in banking is incomplete without re-engineering and automating manual back-office processes.

Security and penetration testing

Protect your digital banking services against targeted cyber attacks and insider fraud using analytics-driven fraud detection systems, comprehensive threat monitoring solutions, and first-hand intelligence on vulnerabilities from pentesting activities.

Solution operations services

Strengthen your IT infrastructure posture with a range of solution operations services aimed at improving the speed, resilience, and availability of your IT infrastructure. Make DevOps, site reliability engineering (SRE), and cloud management part of your technical DNA.

It’s time to become an agile, customer-focused bank

Success stories

Mobile onboarding design for a global commercial bank
Our team did extensive market research, developed new customer journey maps, and delivered a mobile banking design MVP within three months to help a global bank gain an edge over their competitor. The new onboarding flow reduced the number of required fields from 74 to 21 and shortened the onboarding time from three days to 15 minutes.
Technology assessment and IT advising for a UAE Bank
Our client was struggling to prioritize their tech investments on COTS products. The Intellias team worked on-site, providing a deep technology assessment across six business areas and delivering a comprehensive roadmap for further technology investment and operational improvements to support the bank’s business strategy.
Resilient payment system architecture with 99.741% failure resistance
As part of ongoing digital transformations, our team helped a major commercial bank deploy a new payment architecture, based on microservices, to enable fast, secure, and scalable transactions processing. Plus develop several complementary financial products for customers. We created a new reference architecture and successfully delivered an advanced payment processing system architecture, capable of processing 375,000 transactions per hour.
Development and IT support for a new digital trade bank
Leveraging our deep domain experience in finance, our client has managed to bring a brand new digital trade banking solution, integrating over 150 components, in a record short time. From product vision to development and subsequent support, Intellias team has provided proactive support and issue resolutions to ensure smooth deployment of all cloud-native and serverless applications, along with an advanced data storage and orchestration layer.

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