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From an Extended Team to a Full-fledged Development Center

We set up a skilled team of developers who made an essential contribution to delivering five award-winning products

Key features

  • Extend engineering capacity with senior professionals

    Extend engineering capacity with senior professionals

  • Optimize efforts and costs with the team extension model

    Optimize efforts and costs with the team extension model

  • Evolve extended teams into a development center

    Evolve extended teams into a development center

Industries: FinTech, iGaming
Headquarters: London, UK
Market: Global
Team size: 110 members
Cooperation: 2015-2020

AngularJS / Apache 2 / ASP.NET Framework / ASP.NET Web API / Elasticsearch / Kafka / MariaDB / MongoDB / MySQL / PostgreSQL / RabbitMQ

Business challenge

At the outset of a large project in early 2013, EveryMatrix, an innovative provider of iGaming B2B solutions, faced the challenge of supplementing their team of developers with high-end professionals based in Eastern Europe.

The rising popularity of the iGaming industry combined with intense competition between key market players prompted EveryMatrix to diversify their product portfolio. With this strategy, the company was no longer able to rely solely on its existing development centers and needed to quickly scale its engineering capacity. A talent shortage, however, caused difficulties with hiring qualified developers. To ensure quick staffing, the company’s executives decided to look for a vendor that could provide extended teams services.

One of our client’s main requirements was getting a team with a majority of senior professionals. The vendor’s ability to scale in the required technology domains, quickly staff projects, and offer flexible cooperation models was also important. Besides fulfilling all these requirements, Intellias had a proven track record of implementing challenging projects, offered customized software engineering services, and possessed a strong brand as an employer, making it easier to set up teams.

From an Extended Team to a Full-fledged Development Center


Intellias cooperation with EveryMatrix started with a pilot project centered around a data warehouse component. The successful completion of this project convinced EveryMatrix to engage Intellias in full-cycle development. For this, we brought on professional engineers who operated as a team extension for one of our client’s core development centers that was working on an integrated payment processing system. Since the Intellias team proved their reliability and mature approach, our client started working with us on other projects.

Before bringing the payment processing platform to market, EveryMatrix had to address another challenge: getting a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) certificate. To provide consulting in compliance with strict PCI DSS requirements, Intellias onboarded a seasoned professional with experience in cybersecurity certifications. After EveryMatrix successfully passed the PCI DSS audit, our expert filled the position of our client’s in-house Chief Information Security Officer to control all security activities regarding the PCI compliance.

As EveryMatrix products were becoming increasingly successful and serving clients internationally, the need for skilled engineers intensified. With access to a wide talent pool along with a high employee retention rate, Intellias was able to ramp up our client’s team with qualified architects, business analysts, developers, and test and documentation engineers. We provided all necessary resources to help our client deliver their projects on time.

Our cooperation based on the extension model was steadily expanding, and our client’s teams were growing fast. Therefore, EveryMatrix decided to get a separate dedicated office as part of their approach to creating a common corporate style across all locations. A productive collaborative environment for every team member has always been one of our priorities, so we set up a new co-branded development office for our client in an A-class business center. Gathering all EveryMatrix project teams in one building facilitated cross-team communication, collaboration, and knowledge sharing.

From day one, the team in Ukraine followed the same governance model as EveryMatrix development centers in other countries to foster consistency and transparency into company-wide processes. Moreover, the company has never differentiated our team from other development units in terms of priority or complexity of assigned tasks. With a lot of opportunities to contribute to EveryMatrix initiatives, our engineers have proved responsive and proactive. They are constantly improving their skills in advanced technologies, thereby bringing in a lot of valuable ideas for building new solutions and enhancing the architectures of existing ones.

Eventually, the Intellias team received full ownership of two EveryMatrix products and became our client’s fully operational development center. These two projects became separate business units with their own CTOs and with Intellias specialists covering all technical roles.

Realizing the team set up by Intellias had become an integral part of their development capacity, EveryMatrix initiated a buyout and legal transfer of the subsidiary to their organization. This transition is going seamlessly for the team, as they had already adopted EveryMatrix’s corporate culture and felt strongly connected to it. When the process is completed, all administrative assets will remain unchanged and will be under the client’s full control.

Business outcome

By partnering with Intellias for recruitment, team set-up, and product development, EveryMatrix obtained a development team whose broad skillset offered new opportunities for product delivery while optimizing management efforts and costs. Due to its diligent contribution, the Intellias team ultimately evolved into a robust development center that is now an essential component in the development of our client’s solutions and in their flawless operation.

Initially based on a team extension model, our long-time cooperation has resulted in the successful market launch of award-winning B2B SaaS solutions for the iGaming industry. EveryMatrix products can be integrated with existing platforms or can work independently. These products include:

  • a fully managed sportsbook platform
  • a gaming management solution
  • a casino content aggregation system
  • a payment processing platform
  • a multi-brand affiliate management system

Moreover, with an Intellias security expert on board, our client streamlined the process of becoming and remaining PCI DSS compliant. PCI DSS certification allowed EveryMatrix to scale their integrated payment system globally and reassure their customers that the platform is fully authorized to accept and process payments while safeguarding sensitive data.

Partnering with Intellias helped EveryMatrix deliver state-of-the-art products that have enriched their customer portfolio with a lot of big names in the iGaming industry.

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