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At Intellias, we enable businesses in the manufacturing, transportation, automotive, utilities, and real estate sectors to optimize their equipment maintenance strategies with industrial IoT consulting services and IIoT solutions. We help asset-intensive companies get near-real-time visibility into asset use and collect actionable insights to achieve better planning through advanced analytics. Our industrial IoT solutions allow companies to gain control over mission-critical equipment and hardware that affects overall business performance.

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Intellias industrial IoT services

Condition monitoring

Identify hidden defects in your machinery, applications, and devices in order to prevent unexpected breakdowns

Remote management

Get real-time data from your assets installed across locations to achieve their maximum uptime and more effective management

Predictive maintenance

Forecast equipment failures and safeguard your manufacturing business by scheduling maintenance before actual failures occur

Inventory management

Optimize your maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) inventory to ensure that all critical spares are always in stock

Smart logistics

Gain visibility into your supply chain processes and improve the warehouse inventory control with Intellias IIoT consulting and integration services

Safety monitoring

Transform your company’s workers’ experience by establishing a safe industrial environment using a custom IIoT solution

Additional benefits you get with the Intellias IIoT services

AI-powered analytics across projects with focus on preventive maintenance and increased equipment uptime

Big data expertise including working with large data sets and databases of various complexities

IoT Center of Excellence comprising subject-matter experts like IIoT developers and industrial IoT consultants to go beyond regular solutions

Profound cloud competency and IIoT integration services with Amazon Web Services, MS Azure, and Google Cloud platforms

Ready to lower the TCO of your software and industrial equipment by analyzing its operational data in real time?

Success stories

IoT suite for industrial robots

A European robotics-focused company required to create an IoT platform that would manage and maintain a fleet of their high-tech industrial robots. In tandem with our partner’s delivery team, we came up with a strategic framework for the project execution built around a proprietary IoT accelerator that we jointly developed. As a result, the customer held a successful expo of their robots and showcased the advanced remote fleet control enabled by the intelligent IoT software we built.

E2E predictive maintenance system

A Canadian software firm that delivers personalized SaaS solutions to automakers acquired a large contract with an international auto manufacturer to build the online-based preventive maintenance software for cars. Intellias engineers contributed to the development of an IoT-powered solution with advanced support system based on Microsoft Azure cloud services, which notifies drivers about the need to check parts that have exact maintenance schedules stated in the vehicle specifications.

Industrial IoT accelerator

Intellias partnered with a German software engineering company to build a solution accelerator that would help industrial businesses implement common IoT scenarios and speed up the development of enterprise IoT systems. Our accelerator is an easy-to-modify framework, which comprises advanced capabilities — from device connections to data visualization – and can serve as a software boilerplate for creating custom IoT applications in construction, industrial production, robotics, and other domains.

Industrial IoT perfective maintenance solution

Our client is a renowned inventor of novel technology platforms and the world’s leading science and research center that has been at the heart of many prominent breakthroughs of our time. We’re building for our client an intelligent monitoring system for condition-based predictive maintenance using IoT components, analog sensors, and forecasting algorithms.

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