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Our HMI software development services

The goals of any human machine interface solution are to keep the driver’s attention on the road, reduce distractions, increase vehicle safety, comfort, and ease of use, and offer options for personalization. Servicing large OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers over the years, Intellias has recognized key priorities for automotive HMI software that is mobile by the design.
  • Head unit applications

    Head unit applications

    Developing software that brings together drivers, vehicles, and internet-based services

  • Rear seat entertainment systems

    Rear seat entertainment systems

    Developing software for rear seat entertainment systems that include navigation, audio, video, and in-car internet

  • Head-up displays

    Head-up displays

    Designing applications for HUDs that augment the driving experience

  • Instrument clusters HMI

    Instrument clusters HMI

    Adapting navigation software for instrument clusters

  • Integrated mobile & web navigation

    Integrated mobile & web navigation

    Building applications that integrate mobile and web navigation systems

  • Voice recognition and voice guidance

    Voice recognition and voice guidance

    Providing cloud-based voice recognition services

  • Realistic & high-performance 3D rendering

    Realistic & high-performance 3D rendering

    Using industry-specific tools for exceptionally realistic 3D graphics

  • UX/UI design & usability research

    UX/UI design & usability research

    Conducting thorough research into the optimal look and feel of HMIs to couple great design with usability


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Success storiesView all case studies

HMI for a navigation system

We built HMI navigation components for premium in-car infotainment systems, bringing routing and guidance excellence to the luxury car segment. For our client, a British auto manufacturer, Intellias designed and implemented a comprehensive, distraction-free HMI navigation that offers that combines mobile devices, vehicle head units, heads-up displays, and rear-seat displays into one cross-linked system. Our sophisticated mechanism brings car embedded navigation system to the driver’s mobile device as well as dynamically processes real-time traffic information for route planning and guidance.

Learn more HMI for a navigation system

HMI design for a connected car-sharing solution

Our team has ideated and designed a pioneering connected car-sharing solution that goes to show how safe and fast mobility within a city or country can be effectively achieved. We have created an innovative human machine interface application – Intellicar – to bring the connected car-sharing customer experience to a new level. Intellicar allows integrating vehicles into the global IoT network, facilitates car ordering and delivery, and gives access to hundreds of connected cars that can personalize navigation, infotainment, and payments.

Learn more HMI design for a connected car-sharing solution

Human machine interfaces for a better driver experience

Enhanced in-vehicle UX

Automotive human machine interface (HMI) solutions allow drivers to interact with touchpads, multi-touch dashboards, built-in screens, control panels, push buttons, and traditional keypads. Because a car is an entire ecosystem of interconnected parts, quality HMI software is crucial for the automotive industry.

Using the latest technologies, automotive HMI software makes next-generation cars adaptive and personalized. Modern consumers demand a seamless experience, and HMI solutions can satisfy the demand for smooth interactions with a car. Enabled by smart systems and embedded sensors, human machine interfaces make sure that vehicles react to driver intent and preferences.

Keep drivers in control

Thanks to our automotive expertise and excellent software development skills, our customers get maximum value from our HMI development services. Automotive human machine interface solutions help drivers control a range of vehicle functionalities, making cars more responsive to human interaction.

Holistic human machine interface design results in an in-car feedback system that encourages drivers to adjust their driving habits for better performance, fuel efficiency, and safety. The ability of an HMI to respond to rapidly changing road conditions and to provide remote diagnostics helps to prevent vehicle malfunctioning and lowers the risk of accidents.

With autonomous in mind

Self-driving vehicle technology is rapidly evolving, as are consumers’ concerns. The automotive HMI design we’re working on today aims to prepare drivers for passing control to their cars. A human machine interface acts like a driver’s navigator, helping them make the right decisions in critical situations.

With ergonomics at its core, an HMI gives drivers opportunities to interact with external devices and increases safety. With a wide range of automated functions, an HMI can help drivers park, avoid obstacles, and even prevent microsleep. A human machine interface gives drivers flexibility on the road while helping them feel safe in an autonomous car.

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