Intellias and Rightware Create New Opportunities for UCU Students Applying Kanzi One Tools

Intellias and Rightware partner to train Ukrainian Catholic University students on the use of innovative Kanzi One tools in a new Kanzi Learning Lab in the IntelliDrive program

Lviv, UA and Helsinki, Finland – 4 December 2023 – Intellias, a leading software engineering partner to automotive OEMs and mobility solution providers, announces its partnership with Rightware, a leading provider of human-machine interface (HMI) development tools for the automotive industry. This cooperation opens new opportunities for Intellias to apply Rightware’s Kanzi One tools in training students from Ukrainian Catholic University (UCU) in the IntelliDrive program.

Students of IntelliDrive study embedded development practices under the mentorship of Intellias experts. With the establishment of this new Kanzi Learning Lab, course participants will have the opportunity to work with the Kanzi One environment and see how its breakthrough technologies are applied to automotive UI design.

Kanzi One is a toolchain that enables automakers to accelerate the design and development of new user interfaces with superior visuals and optimized performance.

UCU students are already working on their projects based on the Intellias Automotive Portable Kit (IntelliKit), a demo showcasing Intellias’ capabilities in the orchestration of software and hardware from a diverse ecosystem of partners. The next phase of the curriculum will introduce UI/UX concepts in automotive HMI development based on IntelliKit functionality and the leading-edge intelligent cockpit design capabilities of Kanzi One.

Learning the Kanzi One toolchain will allow students to:

  • Become familiar with the basic concepts and essential practices in the interaction between user interfaces and embedded systems.
  • Practice the integration of critical HMI features of the built-in virtual environment with modern graphical tools.
  • Leverage hands-on experience with IntelliKit functionality and Kanzi One capabilities to create their own HMI projects.

Thanks to the cooperation between Intellias, Rightware, and UCU, students will benefit from direct experience with these key automotive industry HMI design products.

Kanzi Learning Labs enable students to gain experience in automotive HMI design using Kanzi One, and our partnership with Intellias will expose students in this course to leading industry software and experts as part of their studies. This will give them an opportunity to understand the demands of the market in preparation to join the industry and make future contributions in their careers. We look forward to continued collaboration with Intellias and UCU to help students become industry leaders of tomorrow.

Derek Sellin, Head of Partnerships, Rightware

At Intellias, we strive to make our educational programs for IT beginners as effective and useful as possible. Years of experience in creating software for the automotive industry, particularly working with HMI development and design tools, have allowed us to become leaders in this area. Our experts share this experience with students, helping them create their own projects based on IntelliKit functionality. The ability to integrate the Kanzi One HMI tool into this course will expand the program participants’ knowledge of IntelliDrive and fuel their professional growth.

Volodymyr Mandzyuk, Senior Delivery Director, Intellias

Intellias continues to create new educational opportunities for talents who are just starting their career path in software development. In addition to the IntelliDrive program, in the fall of 2023 the company also opened the IntelliMapLab for students of Lviv National University. In this innovative space, Intellias mapping experts are already teaching students to create maps for in-vehicle navigation systems.

This partnership with Rightware is a big step for Intellias to deliver end-to-end HMI development services at an accelerated speed. It enables them to support clients at all stages, from concept design to full HMI implementation, delivering optimized performance and the best possible experience in record time.

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