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Collaborative Maternity Platform for Personalized Health Guidance

We’re designing and building a one-stop telehealth solution that helps women navigate pregnancy and parenthood

Key features

  • Implement digital pregnancy health records

    Implement digital pregnancy health records

  • Provide handy pregnancy monitoring tools

    Provide handy pregnancy monitoring tools

  • Raise health awareness through impactful content

    Raise health awareness through impactful content

Industry: Healthcare, UI/UX
Team size: 12 engineers
Cooperation: September 2019 – present

Docker / Firebase / InVision / Java / Kotlin / Kubernetes / MVVM / PostgreSQL / Python / React / Sketch / Swift / Terraform / Typescript / Zeplin

Business challenge

Our client, a government software provider operating under the auspices of the Ministry of Healthcare, took on the mission to enable digital transformation of the national medical sector. To establish a smart health ecosystem in the country, our client’s goal was to build a holistic centralized platform that would connect all siloed medical systems and departments into a single healthcare environment. All they needed was a recognized expert in healthcare mobile app development to make their vision a reality.

As part of the national digitalization plan, the new unified healthcare platform aimed to migrate all paper-based records and processes to electronic document flows and online services. This would provide healthcare professionals with a single source of medical information, optimize the work of medical facilities, cut the time and costs for check-ups, and increase the quality of healthcare services.

Our client’s strategy for implementing their health services platform consisted of launching a series of digital tools that would cover diverse medical needs. These tools needed to be developed simultaneously and within strict deadlines set by the government program. To speed up development and push their products into production, our client teamed up with Intellias, whose advanced software engineering services, broad experience developing apps for healthcare, and UI/UX expertise were a perfect match for their challenges.

One of the seven projects our client has entrusted us with is developing a maternity application that guides expectant mothers through all stages of pregnancy and supports women in taking care of their own and their children’s health.
Collaborative Maternity Platform for Personalized Health Guidance

Solution delivered

To deliver a quality product for our client in the fastest way possible, we set up a team of experienced mobile developers, backend engineers, a business analyst, and a designer. Our team is responsible for the entire development cycle, covering requirements specifications, UI/UX design, architecture, coding, validation, testing, production, digital platform development and maintenance.

As our client shares the big picture of their motherhood platform with us, our experts translate that vision into business and technical specifications. We also carry out research into the market and users’ needs and advise our client on the optimal ways to implement functionality and improve usability to make the solution as intuitive, painless, and convenient to use as possible.

The mother and child healthcare solution we’re developing is meant to raise women’s awareness of their health, their children’s health, pregnancy planning and progression, preventive measures to stay healthy, and all medical services available in the country. The application targets women who are already expecting or are intending to get pregnant, young mothers, and all mothers of children under the age of 18.

The solution serves as a record of women’s medical histories and health conditions and provides personalized, guideline-driven care by encouraging daily engagement with users. It also gives women helpful home monitoring tools and a richness of parenting resources. Our client’s platform consists of Android and iOS medical apps for patients and a configurable web-based admin system for content providers to manage content publishing.
Collaborative Maternity Platform for Personalized Health Guidance


Thanks to our exceptional UI/UX expertise, we’ve reshaped our client’s basic requirements into a cohesively designed solution that both stands out on the market and resonates with users. Our market and user discovery led us to a profound understanding of what the most useful on-demand functionality is and how our client’s application can best accommodate women’s medical and personal needs. Once we presented our first set of mockups based on elaborate and detailed requirements drawn up by our team, we got the green light from the client to move forward with development.

Development optimization

To simplify the work for developers and accelerate production, our designer created a dedicated style guide for the project based on the Material-UI library. This style guide includes main screens and styles, headers, logos, tags, types and states of buttons, checkboxes, and many other visual design elements. As a result, we reduced coding efforts and brought down the overall cost of development.

Data protection and privacy

To secure users’ sensitive personal and medical data, we set it as a priority to ensure the resilience of our client’s healthcare mobile app. Women can register in the app by providing a national ID and birth date. Two-factor authentication adds an extra layer of security.

Users not only must consent to the processing of their data but are reminded through a disclaimer about the risks of data sharing each time they’re about to share their information via social media or with other third-party services.

Features and tools

When users log in to the system, they’re navigated to a comprehensive dashboard that serves as an access point to a set of useful features.
Collaborative Maternity Platform for Personalized Health Guidance

  • User profiles

The app acts as a digital medical record in the form of a user’s health profile that covers medical data, chronic conditions, allergies, prescribed medications, etc. Women can also add profiles for their children to keep records of their medical histories.

We’ve recently implemented BMI (body mass index) functionality that calculates BMI based on weight and height while taking into account age, gender, and BMI charts from the World Health Organization.

  • Calendar and calculator

A woman looking to conceive can mark her periods on the calendar and estimate ovulation time using the app’s fertility date calculator.

  • Timeline

The app offers pregnancy guidance to women, enabling them to track their baby’s growth by providing relevant content for each week of pregnancy. Women can see how the fetus looks at the current stage, get tips on their health, and browse useful resources for mothers-to-be.

  • Content

One of the key functions of the app is distributing informative content to educate women on pregnancy health and help them have enjoyable pregnancy experiences. The app offers rich materials for would-be moms including blogs and articles, FAQs, recommendations, online courses, and webinars.
Collaborative Maternity Platform for Personalized Health Guidance

  • Medications

The app features a comprehensive database of medications that are safe during pregnancy. Women can also use the app to set medication reminders.

Our client’s solution is feature-packed with many other tools useful for expectant mothers including a kick counter, vaccination card, diary, contraction counter, checklists, and more.

Now that we’re through with the third release of our client’s product, our next significant milestone will be integrating the mobile apps with the web admin platform. Meanwhile, we’re enriching and finalizing some of the features and updating the app’s design with a fresh look and feel.

By providing personalized healthcare experiences to women, our client’s motherhood solution is expected to influence medical outcomes in the country, raise awareness of healthy lifestyles, and improve national health indicators.

Business outcome

Intellias has quickly established close cooperation with our client, set up the necessary processes, and provided our client with dedicated engineering resources, enabling them to launch several projects at once. Working under pressing schedules set by the Healthcare Ministry, our team managed to meet the deadlines and release well-performing software on time.

We implemented the world-class design suggested by our team for our client’s maternity solution in just two iterations with few to no corrections. Plus, we optimized the development process by introducing a project style guide for standard visual elements. This removed overhead, minimized the development effort, and sped up the time to market.

Intellias continues to deliver high-quality services, helping our client bring to life their master plan for digitalizing the healthcare sector. We’re contributing to the transformation of the medical ecosystem by enabling the entire industry to go paperless and building sustainable products that will pave the way for a consolidated, centralized, nationwide platform for medical information. This innovation will help bring together multiple distributed systems, save the government money, and elevate the quality of healthcare services at the national level.

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