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Empowering Employee Wellness with a Turnkey Healthcare Payments Platform

Employer-sponsored healthcare financing platform: From idea to MVP in 8 months, and on to the product launch

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Project snapshot

Healthcare costs and medical debt can be a major hurdle to getting timely care. Difficulty paying medical bills causes stress and impacts employees’ job performance and productivity. Even though employers provide comprehensive benefit packages to protect employees’ physical health and financial wellbeing, they continue to look for additional programs to drive down ever-growing healthcare costs.

Working hand in hand with Intellias, TempoPay, a leading provider of employer-sponsored financing solutions, is building a powerful healthcare payments platform to help employers and employees navigate the complexity and uncertainty of the healthcare ecosystem. Based on the Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) model, TempoPay’s platform enables employee access to care without financial burden and helps employers lower plan costs.

While 51% of US adults put off or skip healthcare because they can’t afford it, 20% report a health problem getting worse after delaying care due to cost. 6 in 10 have less than $1K in savings to cover medical expenses in case of emergency and 50% indicate that finances have been a primary cause of stress and distraction at work.

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Business challenge

As employers seek a balance between offering excellent benefits, attracting and retaining employees, and keeping health plan costs low – demand for healthcare expense management products is soaring. To address the rising market need, TempoPay set out to create a consumer healthcare financing and payments platform to simplify and optimize medical spending for employers. The platform is also designed to help employees receive care when they need, while providing the flexibility to choose how and when they want to pay for healthcare services.

To bring this revolutionary idea to life, TempoPay teamed up with Intellias to build an MVP for their healthcare payments platform. With experience developing both healthcare and payment solutions, Intellias was the right fit to become TempoPay’s launch partner.

Empowering Employee Wellness with a Turnkey Healthcare Payments Platform

Technology solution

Discovery process

We kicked off the project with a discovery phase to elaborate the most important aspects of product development, including the architecture, technologies, risk register, MVP scope, and product roadmap.

Our designers worked through user flows and came up with a clear customer journey that simplifies complex healthcare and financial processes so a user can easily find information and navigate the system. The solution design is focused on payment transparency to help the user understand all breakdowns for transactions and have peace of mind that there are no hidden fees or interest rates.

MVP rollout in 8 months

To accelerate the release of an MVP, we put together three engineering teams, each working on a separate stream – integrations, a mobile app, and employee and admin portals. Our teams delivered expert consulting and end-to-end development services covering design, business analysis, software development, testing, and infrastructure development and setup.

The TempoPay MVP was to lay the foundation for an evolving product that would cover broader customer segments, so we built all MVP components with scalability and growth in mind to accommodate various user groups, including third-party administrators (TPAs), brokers, health plans, and health providers.

Empowering Employee Wellness with a Turnkey Healthcare Payments Platform

An intuitive and user-friendly cross-platform mobile application is based on modern UI/UX techniques and supports the card-in-hand concept. It features an informative dashboard for quick access to all needed functionality, providing straightforward navigation with optimized user journeys.

Through the app, an employee gets a zero-commission virtual or physical card integrated with a mobile wallet that they can use to pay for healthcare expenses. Using the Buy Now, Pay Later mechanism and integrations with employers’ payroll systems, TempoPay pays for transactions on behalf of employees. Employees then pay this money back through payroll deductions, a personal bank account, or a health savings account (HSA) according to the preselected plan.

Moving on to full product launch

After a successful MVP release, we’re continuing to build upon the TempoPay solution by furthering its configurability, tuning things up, and supporting new customer implementations. Our team is developing a web admin portal for employers, enriching the product with new features, and customizing functionality to meet customers’ needs. We’re also working on integrations with TempoPay partners and strengthening the platform’s navigation capabilities to help users find the right healthcare providers.

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Business impact

As organizations are increasingly looking for ways to strategize their healthcare expenses and mitigate wellness risks for their employees, the health financing market continues to surge. To keep up with this competitive landscape, industry players need to double down on speed to market as one of the key drivers of success.

By partnering with Intellias, TempoPay accelerated the release of a market-ready product built from the ground up. Our collaboration allowed TempoPay to quickly enter the market with their low-cost financial wellness tool that strengthens employers’ benefit packages, removes stress and financial barriers to getting care for employees, and increases workforce satisfaction and loyalty.

As TempoPay revolutionizes how employees manage their healthcare expenses by providing optimal healthcare payment experiences, Intellias keeps supporting TempoPay in scaling their platform to new user groups, segments, and industries.


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