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Our eCommerce development services

At Intellias, we help retail brands embrace the digital transformation to succeed in the ever evolving eCommerce landscape. From AI-driven customer intelligence, to predictive analytics models, to conversational commerce — capitalize on our solid grasp of the cutting-edge technologies to redefine the customer experience and outperform competition with eCommerce development solutions.

What we do

  • eCommerce platform development

    A top-tier eCommerce development company, Intellias is your trusted partner whether you are launching a new eCommerce business or revamping your existing platform. We will take care of secure network, remote server configuration, infrastructure solutions, and database management. Our cloud experts will help you take full advantage of flexible and highly scalable cloud deployment so that you can focus on growing your business.

  • Custom eCommerce software development

    At Intellias, we dive deep into your business specifics to deliver tailored enterprise-grade eCommerce software that will power your digital transformation. Benefit from our cutting-edge technical expertise and custom eCommerce development services to drive profitable growth through enhanced shopping experiences, IoT-enabled supply chain automation, and data-driven business intelligence systems.

  • eCommerce mobile app development

    Reach your customers on the go with a bespoke mCommerce app. Experts in building native and cross-platform mobile eCommerce applications, we deliver a powerful eCommerce developments solution aimed to leverage sleek UIs, robust backends, and rich functionality to help you cater to the needs of mobile-first users. Location-based marketing, in-app messaging, push notifications, personalized offers — engage and retain your consumers to increase revenue streams.

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Business intelligence for retail & eCommerce analytics to boost sales

A global top 500 Amazon seller was looking to modernize its legacy monolithic retail analytics platform. With a unique blend of technical excellence and solid domain expertise, Intellias was perfectly positioned to take up the challenge and migrate the solution to new frameworks, enhance UI, resolve quality issues, and automate integrations with partners’ websites. Throughout the partnership, Intellias demonstrated the highest commitment standards and the ability to scale the team in line with the client’s demand.

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DevOps excellence hub for high-tech consumer engagement platform

Intellias has helped a Fortune 500 retailer develop a next-gen customer engagement platform that seamlessly serves 150 million customers daily. The platform collects and analyzes vast amounts of customer data and offers near real-time analytics visualization. A part of the core architecture team, our DevOps engineers have provided robust AWS infrastructure automation to save costs and boost efficiency.

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Intelligent AI-powered retail chatbot to promote a premium brand

To help a global retailer provide better customer service and increase revenue, Intellias delivered a highly-functional intelligent retail chatbot. The solution leverages natural language processing and data-driven analytics to provide instant information and offer personalized recommendations for a satisfying shopping experience. The chatbot also serves as a powerful learning tool to streamline sales staff training and help them provide seamless assistance to buyers.

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Microservice architecture to optimize supply chain management and logistics

Intellias partnered with a world’s leading operator of commercial truck service to develop a microservices-based fleet management platform. The solution is designed to facilitate the search for products and dealers, streamline logistic and asset management, and enable online access to warehouses. Underpinned by robust backend frameworks, the platform allows the client to speed up workflows and boost sales by shipping through the closest inventory location.

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Smart connectivity to redefine consumers behavior

Intellias collaborated with a Fortune 500 client to reinvent customer data analytics and deliver better user experiences based on the discovered consumer patterns. As part of the project, Intellias revamped a smart connectivity device to enable seamless Bluetooth connection and easy firmware updates. The delivered solution also includes a customer engagement platform that collects and analyzes data from connected devices and offers deep insights on consumption behavior, enabling the client to create sustainable revenue flows.

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Integrated B2C platform for eCommerce to scale up sales

A luxury clothing marketplace tasked Intellias to develop a powerful digital commerce platform to automate customer relationship management, optimize supply chains, and grow the target audience. The multi-year collaboration resulted in the .NET-based B2C solution that allows the client to effectively manage complex business processes from logistics to pricing to accounting. The solution is enhanced with BI analytics capabilities to support informed, data-driven business decisions.

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Propel your eCommerce business ahead of the competition

Leverage AI-powered analytics for exceptional customer experiences

Now, consumers expect uniquely tailored experiences as a standard of service, forcing eCommerce software development companies to keep up the pace. In a highly competitive eCommerce landscape, brands are vying for customers’ attention. Personalization has become a key.

With machine learning our forte, we help eCommerce brands exceed customers expectations. By analyzing rich consumer data gathered across multiple touchpoints, AI-powered algorithms deliver hyper-targeted recommendations, relevant offers, and context-aware messages that boost user loyalty and satisfaction. Savvy brands also leverage advanced ML software to mine collected big data for insights and drive predictive forecasting, which helps them anticipate customers’ ever-changing needs and demands.

Embrace DevOps for rapid go-to-market

With the increasing pace of change, leverage DevOps to beat the competition on the real battleground — the speed of software delivery. Through continuous integration, testing, and deployment, DevOps enables faster releases and reduced inefficiencies.

At Intellias, an eCommerce solutions company, DevOps is a philosophy that underpins the entire product delivery life-cycle through close company-wide collaboration, comprehensive release management, continuous monitoring and other well-established practices. Intellias clients benefit from comprehensive automation, shorter release cycles, and faster problem fixes. These time and efficiency gains further translate into significant resource savings, which can be repurposed into innovation and further development.

Take your eCommerce to the cloud to drive business agility

Choosing a solution that grows and evolves with your business is vital. Forward-thinking eCommerce solutions development companies are turning to high-performing cloud computing capabilities that offer flexibility and on-demand scalability to cater to the fluctuating demand.

Whether you are developing a cloud-native eCommerce store, building a fleet management platform, or migrating your legacy online shop to the cloud, Intellias cloud engineers are here to help you with end-to-end cloud adoption. Experts in major cloud providers, we will consult you on the best cloud environments, whether private, public, or hybrid, to achieve your scalability goals in a cost-effective manner. On top of that, our cloud expertise encompasses advanced cloud services like pre-build AI capabilities to help you serve personalized digital experiences to your customers.

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