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Today’s consumers seek next-gen shopping experiences. Harness the power of technology to give them what they want and fuel your eCommerce growth. Tap into Intellias technical excellence and many years of domain expertise in eCommerce application development services to predict behaviors, exceed expectations, improve retention rates, and maximize earnings.

We’ll show you how digital commerce solutions and platforms of the future should look to scale your business quickly.

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Our eCommerce app development services fit your business needs


Prevent cart abandonment and lower your bounce rate through a design-led customer experience (CX). Our eCommerce website development services will help you adopt responsive and adaptive designs to make your website perform better and meet the demands of the experience-driven era.

Mobile application

Elevate your online sales by creating one more consumer touchpoint to attract new buyers and turn existing buyers into loyal customers. Whether you’re developing a native, hybrid, or progressive web app, we’ll ensure its functionality covers all your retail business needs and brings your online store to the next level.

In-store application

Boost profitability through customer convenience and more efficient operations. With the help of Intellias eCommerce store development services, companies can install a POS system to manage sales and inventory as well as offer a self-service kiosk to make shopping easier for consumers.

B2B application

As agile B2B eCommerce solutions become the standard, legacy systems are insufficient to maintain competitiveness. Our goal is simple: build an efficient digital B2B app that scales with your business, drives more revenue, and offers a personalized merchant experience for better partner relationships.

Multi-brand platform

Take the next step in eCommerce sales — shift to a multi-brand business model. Intellias custom eCommerce development services will empower you with a scalable yet flexible custom-built platform to unlock unforeseen opportunities and support your expansion to new markets.


Achieve data accessibility and integrate your business functions into a single platform. Robust and secure API integrations powered by our eCommerce web development services will help you streamline and automate operations including order and inventory management, invoicing, and pricing.

Exceed your customers’ expectations — create experiences that matter

Success stories

Building a unique consumer experience with a smart food delivery solution

Intellias helped a global meal kit provider and eCommerce company build a complex one-stop platform for unique catering experiences by integrating IoT technologies into retail operations. The food catering solution helped our client launch a system of hundreds of thousands of devices across all company locations powered with remote monitoring. Each connected refrigerated vending machine is equipped with a camera, a tablet, a payment solution, an NFC/PayPass reader, and a set of sensors connected to servers to monitor the refrigerator’s temperature, condition, and contents. Through a mobile or web app, a user can select a flexible subscription plan or choose an individual meal from a menu.

Modernization services and consultancy for a leading crafting brand

One of our clients is a top global producer and vendor of smart cutting machines that allow users to create personalized designs at home. Experiencing strong growth driven by market demand, the company needed to scale rapidly. Our engineers helped to expand the functionality of our client’s ecosystem and take their companion apps to the next level. As part of our eCommerce software development services, we provided professional iOS, Android, frontend, and backend expertise to refine the ecosystem for craft makers. The advanced subscription model designed by our consultants and developers was implemented through desktop plugins and allowed our client to reinforce their product offering and grow revenue.

IT auditing and consulting for a top online retailer

We conducted an in-depth analysis of the eCommerce database environment and provided consultation on performance improvements for one of Eastern Europe’s largest retailers. As our client’s business grew considerably, the database architecture they relied on was in heavy use by customers and was unable to keep pace with the company’s needs. After thoroughly analyzing the current environment and eCommerce database infrastructure design, our experts came up with criteria that helped us design a viable strategy for migrating the client’s database to a new database management system.

Intelligent AI-powered retail chatbot to promote a premium brand

We built an interactive retail chatbot with extensive AI capabilities to drive customer satisfaction and grow revenue for our client, a Fortune 500 enterprise. We built a new software design that was meant to train salespeople at stores and outlets in how to educate their customers on the main features and benefits of the company’s products. By equipping sales managers with ample information on products, the training software would maximize their engagement, provide seamless assistance to buyers, and give the company a competitive edge by delivering enhanced customer experiences.

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