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Migration to AWS Cloud and DevOps Excellence: a Step Towards Product-Led Business Growth

End-to-end DevOps consulting services accelerated the migration to AWS Cloud to match the pace of business

Cloud & DevOps

Project snapshot

PandaDoc is a digital document collaboration and workflow automation platform that helps businesses streamline their document creation process. It enables 50,000 customers to create, track, approve, and e-sign all kinds of documents quickly and securely. With powerful document management and workflow capabilities, PandaDoc provides customers with a professional, timely, and engaging experience.

The San Francisco–based PandaDoc has grown from a startup to one of the market leaders by democratizing the world of commerce for B2B companies and extending CRM tools to help smooth out interactions with customers.

In 2017, PandaDoc raised $15 million in a Series B funding round that counted HubSpot and Microsoft Ventures as participants. This was the first investment HubSpot ever made.

Business Challenge

A technology trailblazer offering an innovative suite of document automation tools for businesses, PandaDoc had a critical need for scaling their business by moving from a sales-oriented to a product-led organization. In this context, they sought a reliable partner to help them gain flexibility, scale, and enable interoperability of their key digital marketing engineering assets: namely, their website as well as related blogs and distributed country-specific sales and branding instances.

As the first step, PandaDoc needed to update their WordPress website and migrate their infrastructure to the AWS Cloud in accordance with the company’s new DevOps standards.

Migration to AWS Cloud and DevOps Excellence: a Step Towards Product-Led Business Growth

Solution delivered

The Intellias team carried out a meticulous technology assessment comprising an audit of the existing software, hardware, and network architecture as well as an analysis of integration flows and a review of non-functional requirements fulfillment. They also provided recommendations and improvements for the software development life cycle (SDLC), infrastructure, and code.

With a focus on the сlient’s business specifics, the Intellias team re-architected and migrated a monolithic WordPress website to AWS infrastructure. The team of software engineers, AWS DevOps engineers, and quality assurance specialists provided AWS cloud migration and documentation, including infrastructure architecture, security design, and deployment procedures. The use of Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) enabled more granular scalability and advanced deployment strategies.

Intellias maintained end-to-end DevOps consulting services and helped the client build the right SDOC process in order to implement changes by multiple stakeholders according to various business priorities.

Next, the team extended the existing environment with third-party software applications and tools used to support the solution, including EKS, RDS, ALB, S3, CloudFront, GitLab, Terraform, Terragrunt, Helm, Vault, and the WordPress plugin WP Offload Media.

Applying AWS DevOps practices enabled smooth and speedy implementation within strict timelines as well as better agile collaboration between development and operations teams.

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Business outcome

By assisting PandaDoc in migrating their infrastructure to the AWS cloud, Intellias empowered them to obtain operational excellence with higher scalability, availability, and improved website security.

As a result of integrating cross-technology expertise and AWS DevOps practices, the client experienced increased user engagement and conversion rates as well as three times faster time to market for new functionality through the introduction of weekly releases.

By streamlining the development lifecycle and ensuring a timely migration to AWS cloud services, the Intellias team contributed to advancing the quality of the client’s offering, helping to establish PandaDoc as a leader in the digital technology industry. The migration to AWS cloud services became a milestone in PandaDoc’s partnership with Intellias, leading to further successful cooperation with a focus on product-led business growth.

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