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Сyberpunk-Inspired eHealth Concept

We’ve crafted a futuristic healthcare concept powered by the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) to support effective prevention and management of chronic diseases

Key features

  • Predict health risks

    Predict health risks

  • Personalize patient care

    Personalize patient care

  • Prevent chronic diseases

    Prevent chronic diseases

Industries: IoT, Healthcare, UI/UX
Market: Global
Team size: 6 members
Project duration: 3 months

Adobe After Effects / InVision / Sketch

Business challenge

The Intellias team has created an innovative concept for an eHealth solution for chronic disease management built on the IoT platform we released a year ago. To do this, we mapped our IoMT platform capabilities to the expanding challenges healthcare companies face with preventing and managing chronic diseases.

At Intellias, we adhere to the principles of customer-centered service design, which covers user needs responsively and efficiently. This approach is reinforced by emerging technologies like the Internet of Medical Things that are becoming available at the turn of the decade. These technologies will transform the way people live and experience the world, including how they manage health and wellness.

The problem of chronic conditions caught our attention, as they keep taking a toll on the global population. Millions of people worldwide lose their lives to chronic diseases every year, often due to a lack of medical supervision and prompt preventive measures. Physicians claim that around-the-clock self-monitoring could improve patient outcomes, providing data on the current conditions of individuals most vulnerable to health risks.

Сyberpunk-Inspired eHealth Concept

With the global COVID-19 pandemic and limitations on physical interactions due to lockdown restrictions, the need for remote health monitoring has intensified. IntelliAedes, an IoMT concept designed by Intellias, is a natural and timely response to today’s unique challenges in the healthcare field.

Although IntelliAedes is a futuristic cyberpunk-inspired eHealth concept, it realistically illustrates the state of affairs in the healthcare sector in terms of doctors’ expectations for technological progress. A company with profound expertise in eHealth and IoT, Intellias highlights how the Internet of Things in medicine enables a novel and holistic approach to personalized, data-driven care.

Solution delivered

Before starting on the design of IntelliAedes, we carefully worked out our key personas to define three distinct user groups. We investigated and wrote down every detail regarding users’ needs and pain points. In this way, we made user journeys truly personalized while making our eHealth solution tailored and user-centric.

User personas

Сyberpunk-Inspired eHealth Concept

  • Agricultural engineer

In carrying out his job, George travels to remote agricultural areas. He wants to be sure he’ll get prompt and efficient medical aid in case of a health emergency. George uses the IntelliAedes core device to monitor his health, accurately predict health issues, and get instant medical help if needed.

Risks: Cardiovascular disease

Сyberpunk-Inspired eHealth Concept

  • Paramedic

Claire works as a paramedic for a health services company and uses the IntelliAedes system to provide remote care to patients when unforeseen health issues arise. In an emergency, she analyzes data coming from a user’s core device, makes a final decision about what immediate actions should be taken to relieve symptoms, and provides instructions to the patient until the medical team arrives.

Important: Claire must see detailed yet relevant information on a specific health issue with actionable hints enabling her to reduce processing and response times.

Сyberpunk-Inspired eHealth Concept

  • System administrator

As a technical specialist at a health services company, Martin is responsible for installing, adjusting, and provisioning systems as well as providing timely software and firmware updates. He also remotely monitors consumables required for end devices and ensures they’re always in stock. Martin manages system users based on roles to enable access only for authenticated and authorized persons.

Important: Martin needs a convenient way to monitor device conditions to quickly identify potential technical issues.

When designing high-fidelity prototypes, we mapped the logic model and created wireframes and flowcharts to outline the interactions between humans and the IoMT system.

System features and components

The IntelliAedes system is composed of the following modules, components, and features:

Personal device

Сyberpunk-Inspired eHealth Concept

This bracelet-looking device contains microchips and a lens and ensures communication between the system and the user. It provides information on health risk warnings by displaying vital signs and metrics including heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature.

The personal bracelet device can work in sport mode, providing workout and fitness assistance with customizable options to streamline the user experience. Users can project information from the bracelet onto a wall or ceiling through a tiny lens serving as the user interface. This lens replaces a screen and works as a mini AR projector to augment data visualizations.

The personal device provides three working modes: regular, emergency, and health.

  • Regular mode

When this mode is on, the personal device acts as a regular activity tracker to monitor and track fitness-related metrics and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

  • Emergency mode

In case of urgent health issues, the device displays notifications on health risks to ensure first aid assistance until a medical team arrives.

  • Health mode

When in health mode, the wearable transmits data on vital signs and other metrics provided by complementary devices.

Core device

Сyberpunk-Inspired eHealth Concept

The core device is surgically implanted into a user’s backbone and attached to the spinal cord. It works as an aggregator of all health condition data, collecting this data from complementary controllers and biochemical implants and passing it to both the user’s personal device and the medical organization’s admin portal. The administrator can monitor a patient’s key health metrics in real time and provide assistance if needed.

Web portal

The web portal covers specific functionality and features depending on a user’s needs and scenarios. We divide them into two categories: those designed for a service company and those intended for an individual user.

For a service company, the web portal offers the following features:

  • Centralized fleet management, including remote monitoring of consumables, firmware updates, alert tracking, and customer support options
  • Advanced notifications to ensure first aid services arrive on time
  • Access to a patient’s medical records: Electronic Health Record (EHR), plan of care, medication history, and clinical summaries

For a user, the web portal offers the following features:

  • Constant access to personal medical records
  • Comprehensive dashboards containing health condition indicators and data transferred from assistive/external devices

Сyberpunk-Inspired eHealth Concept

The web platform concept works in two modes: regular and emergency.

  • Regular mode

Operating in regular mode, the web platform provides real-time data on all managed devices and users, ensuring a convenient way for monitoring and tracking health condition.

  • Emergency mode

In case of an emergency, IntelliAedes alerts and notifies healthcare providers to quickly identify health risks and ensure a prompt first aid response.

Use cases

Interactions between the user and the IntelliAedes service are split into four use cases, serving as compelling Internet of Medical Things examples:

  • Health assistance

The system can act as a healthcare assistant, providing users with an intuitive and interactive interface for tracking vital signs, predicting health issues, and notifying users when impermissible deviations occur. Based on the data gathered, IntelliAedes also advises users on their lifestyles and provides specific recommendations to reduce the risk of disease and offer a better quality of life to users suffering from chronic conditions.

  • Sports and fitness assistance

IntelliAedes can run as a sport/fitness assistant tracking fitness-related metrics. Based on received sensor data, the service delivers motivational recommendations to encourage users to achieve workout targets with risk-free health activities.

  • Emergency aid

The system is designed to monitor and track vital signs. IntelliAedes notifies both the user and the user’s health service provider of any deviations in health indicators. What’s more, the core device contains a first aid kit that paramedic assistants can activate remotely to relieve symptoms until the medical team arrives.

  • Control of assistive devices

The core device can be smoothly integrated with third-party tools to enhance the user’s overall wellbeing. IntelliAedes registers and analyzes electromyographic signals to provide intelligent control over external health devices and artificial limbs.

Business outcome

As the containment of chronic diseases remains one of the most pressing issues globally, the trend to leverage the Internet of Things in healthcare will continue, especially in the COVID era. This technology holds immense potential for slashing the death toll among people suffering from chronic conditions, improving their quality of life, and prolonging their life expectancy.

The innovative IntelliAedes concept from Intellias demonstrates the efficiency of IoMT solutions in ensuring non-stop health monitoring and personalized patient care, predicting health threats, and assisting people in emergencies. IntelliAedes also showcases how integrating core and personal devices with external devices can improve users’ functioning and independence. Our eHealth solution concept provides doctors with a much-needed tool for receiving real-time data about patients’ critical health indicators, lifestyles, and medical needs.

For the healthcare industry, our concept signals new implications for improving and optimizing the entire healthcare system. On their path to transforming into healthcare services companies, medical organizations are looking for new ways to provide value-added offerings to their customers on top of regular medical services. IoT healthcare companies are leading the market by offering diverse IoMT solutions that can cover the needs of a wide range of users depending on their age, health condition, occupation, lifestyle, etc.

Our real-time health monitoring concept also allows medical services companies to predict possible necessary surgeries, plan medical procedures in advance, improve insurance processes, forecast spending trends, and optimize costs.

You can find a detailed visualization of our healthcare concept design on Behance.

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