Boosting Cost-efficiency of 5G Roll-outs

Learn how a tailor-made network modeling tool played a pivotal role in empowering a forward-thinking Radio Access Network (RAN) provider to enhance its smart repeater product portfolio. The planning solution we assisted in creating harnesses high-precision maps, equipping Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) with the means to optimize the positioning of network elements. As a result, this solution drives significant Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) savings, reducing capital expenses to a fraction of what’s typically incurred in gNB-only networks. Discover a successful transition from being a product-centric company to a provider of managed services.

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About Pivotal Commware

Pivotal Commware pioneers the development of software-defined antennas and radios using the power of holographic beamforming to enhance network speed, capacity, and spectral efficiency. The company’s products enable seamless communication with mobile targets, including aircraft, ships, trains, and connected vehicles.

Pivotal offers the world’s first product ecosystem that solves millimeter wave challenges, such as network planning, navigating signals around obstacles, penetrating signals indoors through window glass, and managing and optimizing the repeater network. The company is headquartered in Bothel, Washington, operating since 2016.

Business challenges

Building 5G networks with millimeter-wave (mmWave) spectrum poses several challenges despite its potential for high-speed and low-latency connectivity. Key challenges include shorter range compared to lower-frequency bands, difficulty penetrating obstacles, the need for dense small cell deployment, and the requirement for a clear line of sight. As a result, such coverage might be expensive and complex to deploy. Addressing these challenges is crucial for successfully adopting mmWave 5G networks, and this aligns precisely with the challenge our customer has been tackling.

Our journey included several exciting technological challenges:

High 5G mmWave deployment costs icon

High 5G mmWave deployment costs

The costs for deploying 5G mmWave networks are significantly high due to the need for a dense network of small cells and advanced backhaul infrastructure, collectively raising the financial barrier for widespread implementation.

RF tools limitations in mmWave modeling icon

RF tools limitations in mmWave modeling

These conventional network modeling tools have inherent restrictions when dealing with the deterministic, line-of-sight characteristics of mmWave frequencies.

Challenges in mmWave site expansion icon

Challenges in mmWave site expansion

The migration to mmWave technology presents a twofold challenge involving a surge in site volume and a wider variety of site types. The utilization of low-resolution Geographic Information System (GIS) data and the labor-intensive process of identifying suitable poles and potential site locations impede the efficient rollout of the 5G network.

GIS data limitations for FWA qualification icon

GIS data limitations for FWA qualification

These existing network qualification tools are often insufficient for accurately assessing subscriber qualifications for “facilities-based” FWA wireless broadband services. Consequently, subscribers encounter internet-related issues once the service is delivered to their homes.


Addressing varied subscriber demands icon

Addressing varied subscriber demands

Subscriber needs and network usage fluctuate significantly due to location, time, subscriber type, application diversity, etc. Neglecting this variability can result in poor resource allocation, network congestion, and subpar service, potentially leading to subscriber dissatisfaction and churn.

Problem statement


Network planning and network operation teams as the end users within the wireless communication industry.

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The problem

5G technology, particularly 5G mmWave and FWA solutions is a quickly deployable and cost-effective alternative to fixed-line broadband services. However, carriers need robust network modeling tools to balance costs and meet the demand for better service qualification and network coverage. This challenge involves such tasks as adopting network models, line-of-sight characteristics of mmWave frequencies, and using the highest precision data available to plan, identify site locations, and build out networks. Consequently, the challenge encompasses several subtasks:

  • Network modeling for mmWave frequencies
  • Highest precision GIS data
  • Point-cloud visualization
  • Holistic network planning and simulation solution
  • 3D heatmap for FWA service qualification
  • RAN Optimization with Software Defined Antennas (SDA)
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Pivotal Commware developed an innovative suite of software and hardware solutions for the streamlined planning, deployment, and maintenance of 5G mmWave FWA networks.

Their product ecosystem includes:

  • 5G outdoor network repeater
  • 5G indoor subscriber repeater
  • software for efficient network planning

However, semi-manual and resource-intensive processes of the original solution only partially met MNOs expectations, prompting the need for software improvement and adding essential capabilities. Intellias proposed innovations and capabilities aimed at improving the user experience and expanding the functionality of Pivotal’s solution by eliminating inefficiencies and automating time-consuming manual tasks.

What image

Approach advantages

  • Faster time-to-market
  • Cost-effective offshore locations
  • Strong GIS expertise from the start
  • Transparent and efficient delivery
  • Innovation and adaptability
  • Solution modularity and telco-grade reliability
Approach advantages image


pivotal roadmap



Full-cycle product development

Pivotal Commware developed a proof of concept to verify wireless network planning software solutions, evaluating each network component’s physical and economic impact. However, they needed to eliminate repeated operations using a complex toolset of various libraries, graphical editors, conversion scripts, etc.

Modeling optimal deployment strategies

Network planning portal development from scratch (back-end and front-end).

Smart automation with integrated tools

Visualization of considerable amounts of complex geospatial data in a performant way, achieved by fine-tuning and optimizations on both the back-end and front-end sides of the application.



Initial ideation and presentation of clickable prototype.


Network planning portal development from scratch (back-end and front-end).


Visualization of considerable amounts of complex geospatial data in a performant way, achieved by fine-tuning and optimizations on both the back-end and front-end sides of the application.


Implementing custom domain-specific user tools for interaction with spatial data within the network planning portal.


Implementing Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) and multi-step workflows dedicated to specific user roles.

Business impact

Pivotal Commware enables mobile network operators (MNOs) to extend and maintain 5G networks faster and with better economic outcomes than using traditional network equipment. The combination of innovative software and hardware provides high accuracy and predictability during network planning and maintenance, resulting in practical value:

Reduced obstacles for deploying 5G mmWave networks

By implementing Pivotal’s solutions, the costs of deploying 5G mmWave networks are significantly reduced, thereby lowering the barriers to widespread network adoption.

Optimized CapEx

CapEx optimization has resulted in a more efficient deployment strategy balancing between the network density and reducing unnecessary costs.

10X economy of product development time

Intellias doubled Pivotal’s output, automating product pipelines and showcasing efficient collaboration for fast product development and industry competitiveness.

Enriched product ecosystem

Reinforcing performance and productivity through innovative features development, such as 3D visualization and machine learning technology.

Next steps

Continuous Development

Adapting solution to various 5G network scenarios and deployment options

Enhancing big data and AI capabilities for zero-touch ops and self-healing mechanisms

Product suite consolidation and roadmap execution


Eric Black image
Eric Black

CTO, Pivotal Commware

Alex Katko image
Alex Katko

VP of Engineering, Pivotal Commware

Mersad Cavcic image
Mersad Cavcic

VP of Product Management, Pivotal Commware 

Konstantin Besfamylnyi image
Konstantin Besfamylnyi

Telecom & Media Practice Leader 

Roman Makarchuk image
Roman Makarchuk

Sr. Delivery Director, Intellias 

Viktor Shkurko image
Viktor Shkurko

Delivery Manager, Head of Unit

Leverage high-precision GIS modeling data and automate operations using integrated tools with us

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