Building a Digital Bank. 12 Months from Concept to Realization

We outline a proven approach to building a digital bank in just 12 months.
A tangible, robust, and market-ready solution built with multiple integrated components, helps reduce friction, simplify the process, and optimize the cost of financial operations.

From Trends to Transformation

Keeping pace with change stands for transforming the vision for banking technology solutions into a market-ready product capable to compete within the economy of scale

from trand to transformation

Innovation doesn’t have to be something intangible or solely restricted to R&D.
Intellias applies technology as a pragmatic, intentional, and flexible core part of how you do business.

Banking Puzzle in the Era of BaaS

Do you want to apply technology as a tangible and flexible background to make your digital bank work? We have experience and expertise in integrating readymade solutions and implementing custom ones, advising on the best partnership, and starting your digital bank faster, safer and smarter.

High-level architecture overview

banking puzzle

Cooperation. Process & Results

Typical plan for the digital bank implementation by Intellias, takes 12 months from planning to a POC launch. A tried and tested model is flexible and customizable for every client’s unique needs.

Development indicative timeline
Digital trade platform implementation
  • Presented timeline is tentative and based on the information provided. Sсope for implentation will be confirmed / refined during Planning Phase

Partnerships. Platforms. Compliance

Our partnership ecosystem, platform experience, and compliance conformance enable seamless integrations, architecture and infrastructure alignment, and regulation adherence – all for robust solution rollout.

Ecosystem provider partnerships
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Platform Experience
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Compliance with standards
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ISO 2001 2015
ISO 27001
ISO 20022
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Our Clients Say

Nomo logo
Simon Bateman, Chief Technology Officer at Nomo Fintech
AGTB logo
Director, IT service at AGTB
The Microsoft engineer responsible for the code review

Talk to the Expert

Pavlo Khropatyy

VP, Financial Services & Insurance Delivery

Pavlo is Head of FS&I Segment at Intellias, building fully-fledged strategic partnerships with clients across the UAE, the USA, and EU markets.
An industry practitioner of 18 years, Pavlo is implementing a highly effective technology consulting, business and operations IT strategy for the finance domain promoting the companies’ growth into organizations with technology at heart.

Andrii Redko

Delivery Director

Andrii is responsible for assisting global clients with transforming their businesses through the power of technology. While identifying new ways to create value, he helps them implement the best practices and product expertise to create measurable business outcomes. With 13 years of experience in the financial IT sector, Andrii is an expert in modern tech, Scrum and Waterfall methodologies, and business analysis practices.

Together, we make change happen.

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