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AI-Assisted Development of a B2B Healthcare Management System

Intellias leveraged the potential of AI-powered development to speed up delivery of a cloud-based medical payment system

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Project snapshot

Intellias collaborated with the development team of a technology-oriented benefits management platform to build an enterprise-scale solution that automates employee healthcare deductions and reimbursements for business customers. In this project, we complemented our expertise with the capabilities of AI-powered development, increasing the team’s velocity and accelerating project progress.

The project pursued dual goals: building a healthcare benefits management solution for our client while also validating the use of artificial intelligence for software development. Using code completion, code analysis, test writing, and code legacy explanation features of GitHub Copilot, our engineering teams could focus on business logic and expedite overall development.

Our client is a US-based technology company providing a scalable and customizable platform for managing employee benefits, facilitating accounting and administration of health savings accounts (HSAs), flexible savings accounts (FSAs), and health reimbursement arrangements (HRAs). The company is committed to leveraging technology to accelerate and simplify processing of insurance claims, spearheading the adoption of tech innovations to improve the user experience.

Business challenge

The client offers financial services in the B2B sector and was looking for a way to streamline the administration of employee healthcare benefits. The solution was expected to resolve the long-standing problem of slow and cumbersome processing of employee healthcare benefits and a lack of transparency for benefit recipients.

Recognizing the transformative potential of technology and its ability to facilitate and accelerate various business flows, the client was determined to implement the most innovative practices to create a solution revolutionizing the traditional benefits administration process. The resulting healthcare benefits administration platform was planned to target enterprise customers, providing them with a straightforward method of embedding benefits management functionality into their business environment.

For the client, it was important to obtain a stable version of the platform with a transparent onboarding process within a relatively short period of time, allowing them to start offering value to customers.


AI-Assisted Development of a B2B Healthcare Management System

Intellias took over the project from the discovery phase. With a team of 50+ experienced engineers, we designed a scalable cloud-based solution expediting benefits processing and giving employees 100% visibility into their healthcare benefits.

The platform serves as a single point of contact for enterprise employees, enabling intuitive benefits management options. At the same time, it creates a unified workspace for administrators, allowing them to process claims quickly and efficiently. The solution uses AWS cloud computing capabilities and is built on a microservices architecture, providing next-level scalability and service availability.

To accelerate development and provide our team with more time to explore opportunities and experiment with technologies for the best results, we supported the development process with GitHub Copilot, an AI-powered development tool.

When using AI tools for this development project, we aimed to boost team productivity and reduce the development lead time to accelerate time to market. In addition, use of GitHub Copilot improved clarity of the resulting code, easing onboarding for end customers. This initiative was validated with comprehensive research and planning, which considered all aspects of project development including usage scenarios, security concerns, and legal alignment.

In the course of AI-assisted development, our team measured performance metrics and compared them to established KPIs. At the same time, we gathered feedback on the team’s experience using GitHub Copilot on the project. Developers noted improved productivity and code quality as well as a clearer vision of the project code.

For the majority of software engineers, using GitHub Copilot improved their experience and accelerated development, allowing them to concentrate on the product’s business value. Many team members plan to continue using AI-powered development tools in the future, leveraging the potential of AI automation to expedite creation of high-quality software.

Business outcomes

Using new technologies to speed up the development process, Intellias delivered a turnkey benefits management solution that can be flexibly customized and embedded in enterprise flows via an API. The product extended our client’s offering to B2B customers with an automated benefits administration platform, significantly improving the end user experience:

  • Seamless enterprise employee flow, allowing employees to access their benefits
  • Advanced automation of administrative tasks, reducing the workload for platform administrators and eliminating service gaps
  • Real-time data access, enabling transparency and visibility of benefits processing for end users
  • Single platform for processing multiple vendors and customers
  • Easy implementation and adoption, increasing the solution’s appeal for new enterprise customers
  • Superb performance and reliability due to the high quality of AI-assisted development
  • Shorter time to market as a result of accelerated AI-powered product delivery
  • Straightforward product onboarding with higher code quality
  • Growth opportunities resulting from advanced customization and scalability, allowing our client to target a wider B2B audience
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