Agriculture Software Development

Intellias empowers established agribusinesses and AgriTech startups with its agriculture software development services to devise innovative ways for farmers to run their operations. We help our clients create agriculture software that let farmers make data-driven decisions resulting in higher profitability and sustainable business growth. With this aim, we’ve established a Digital Lab to develop, validate, and scale agricultural software by providing senior engineering teams and technology expertise in precision farming, GPS guidance systems, remote IoT sensing, AI automation, cloud computing, location and mapping services.

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Develop and validate innovative solutions for agriculture

Agriculture technology ecosystem

Intellias helps agricultural companies and AgriTech startups create complete ecosystems of technologies around their agribusinesses. We reinforce our agriculture software development services with expertise accumulated in other industries to co-create scalable and user-centric digital products together with our clients. By applying data analytics, location intelligence, AI automation, and cloud services, we make innovation easy, approachable, and valuable to farmers. And to ensure the end product will be useful for farmers, we help AgriTech providers validate ideas as early as possible by developing proofs of concept and getting market feedback.

Smart agriculture software to transport heavy agricultural machinery

Watch the video to learn how our agriculture software developers built software used in agriculture machinery route optimization to deal with all the risk factors involved in transporting oversized and overweight equipment. Combining location technologies, mapping data, and machine learning algorithms, users can plan routes, track heavy machinery in real time, and easily estimate the transit costs for oversized agricultural equipment.

Success stories

R&D lab for sustainable farming

We helped a multinational AgriTech software company establish a Digital Innovation Lab to build and validate solutions at scale. Our multiple R&D teams develop technologies that empower growers to boost farm productivity and efficiency, use agricultural resources more sustainably, ensure safety in growing and harvesting practices, and maximize crop yields. We also delivered a solution for crop chemical manufacturers to control the impact of their operations.

Farm management system

The Intellias R&D team helped a leading agriculture software company develop a complex farm management system. This system gives growers a clear picture of their farming operations by tracking in-field activities, monitoring weather conditions, and planning crop protection measures. Crop producers can use this system to better manage their harvests, plan yields, and get recommendations for the right crop varieties, planting schedules, fertilizer types, and more.

Horticulture lighting for vertical farming

We helped a global indoor and outdoor lighting solutions provider develop a horticultural lighting solution that uses artificial light to automatically illuminate plants, improving their growth and ensuring the production of healthy food with efficient use of land and resources. Urban farmers can use this solution to optimize climate conditions, analyze crops with image recognition and video monitoring, and measure and adjust the temperature, carbon dioxide, and humidity levels in greenhouses.

Drone imagery analysis for crop monitoring

The Intellias R&D team has built a web-based application to collect drone images of trial plots for investigation of crop conditions and homogeneity. The app conducts a thorough assessment based on trial data and matches drone images with additional satellite images. Finally, the app saves the assessment in an appropriate format, overlays it on the field map as an additional layer, and uploads results to a huge database to compare results and predict growth.

Agriculture custom software development for competitive farming

Traceability and automation in agriculture

Smart agriculture software with artificial intelligence offers farmers a path to the widespread automation of manual work. For example, navigation systems can automatically guide machinery to collect crops after receiving notifications from farm management systems about weather and soil conditions. Drones are already being adopted by farmers to collect field images. They can automatically monitor, irrigate, and fertilize crops while minimizing human error and effort.

Blockchain technology brings security to agricultural software and agriculture supply chain. Intellias can help an AgriTech software company implement distributed ledger technology to gain transparency at each stage of product transportation and ensure traceability of product origins. Blockchain technology for agriculture software development company can help detect fraud and deliver healthy products to customers while smart contracts can simplify the purchase procedure of equipment.

Mapping and GIS agriculture solutions

Today, farming relies on location and geographical data. Application of GIS to agriculture lets AgriTech software companies conduct spatial analysis of farmlands and create detailed visual representations for further analytics and data-driven decisions on crop management. GIS is critical to identifying early signs of soil erosion, making precise crop yield estimates, and conducting detailed risk assessments to secure farms against floods, wildfires, and droughts.

Intellias agriculture software developers keep their agriculture custom software development focus on mapping and navigation solutions. We can help an AgriTech software company develop accurate maps for farm fields, crop yields, and soil moisture. Using our experience in software for agriculture and expertise in scaling engineering capacity, AgriTech companies can develop technologies to help farmers tackle the challenges of climate change and a growing demand for food.

Agriculture sensors and irrigation systems

Innovations in agriculture would not be possible without enough data collected from the fields. IoT agriculture software solutions provide plenty of opportunities to collect data on crops, soil, and weather conditions. Striving to become a pioneer in agriculture custom software development, almost every AgriTech software company is trying to achieve competence in remote sensing to provide farmers with detailed digital representations of their fields.

Software for agriculture and IoT sensors may help farmers solve challenges in various business areas. Watering systems use soil parameters collected by IoT sensors to plan irrigation of fields and use resources wisely. Our software development in agriculture expertise helps clients implement software used in agriculture, soil monitoring systems for smart irrigation powered by machine learning, IoT and location-based services to reduce operational expenses and optimize yields.

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