Indoor Vertical Farming

Intellias combines expertise in software engineering with practical experience in vertical farming system development to provide AgriTech innovators and growers with technological excellence. Intellias is an experienced software development partner to agriculture and technology companies who operate greenhouses, indoor and vertical farming systems, helping them create perfect environments for growing plants with optimal climate conditions and a wise use of resources. By working with Intellias, our clients benefit from engineering excellence at scale, R&D innovations, and practical solutions to the technology and business challenges they face while creating vertical farming software.

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Intellias strives to grasp the needs of AgriTech companies when developing software for indoor farming systems. For this, we conduct deep research into real-life problems that end customers and farmers face in vertical and indoor farming. To complement our engineering experience in solving farming and agricultural problems, we visit vertical farms and research farmers’ profiles to improve indoor farming software from every angle. We have experience working with smart IoT sensors and analog controllers used in software for vertical farms to assist in monitoring, analyzing, and adjusting climate conditions within greenhouses and indoor farms.

Full-cycle software development

Develop vertical farming software solutions that cover all information on plants, key growing metrics, insights for decision-making, remote control, and timely notifications

Collection and integration of sensor data

Establish a strong connection between IoT and analog sensors, structure a large amount of collected data, and integrate data into AI-based platforms and software for vertical farming via edge gateways for analytics

Indoor farming data visualization

Observe crops at a glance on user-friendly dashboards, visualize information for easy decision-making, and build comprehensive histograms and reports accessible on any device with installed software for vertical farms

AI & machine learning analytics for growing recommendations

Develop software for vertical farming with artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to process data and images on plant health and correlate plant states with climate conditions for improved growth

Climate control and indoor farm automation

Monitor measurements to automatically control and adjust climate conditions through connected sensors and control systems for smart irrigation, lighting, and temperature control

Smart lighting solutions for indoor farms

Set up and adjust artificial lighting to each stage of plant growth using software for LED lighting that can achieve the exact spectrum, intensity, and frequency of light required for photosynthesis in an energy-efficient way

Develop software for indoor and vertical farming

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