Intellias and Invoys Announce Partnership to Streamline Invoicing Process

Chicago, IL — March 14, 2024 — Intellias, a global software engineering company, has announced a new partnership with Invoys, an invoice processing company focused on empowering businesses to automate accounts receivable and accounts payable processes.

Under this new partnership, Intellias will apply its technical expertise to implement invoicing solutions for its clients and assist those of Invoys with the development of additional bespoke solutions.

The news comes as Intellias begins a new developmental drive in 2024, wherein the company will proactively embrace new designations and programs with its partners to leverage their expertise to craft innovative solutions and tools. This program is specifically focused on the company’s clients in the financial services and insurance sectors.

Intellias will work with Invoys to ensure product implementation and integration occurs with maximum efficiency for its clients. It will provide accounts receivable and accounts payable solutions that combine elements of embedded finance and social media.

Invoys enables e-invoicing and e-reporting compliance management solutions that could be integrated into the workflows of Intellias’ clients. This development allows clients to manage invoicing and compliance reporting from a single platform.

We’re delighted to work with Intellias as our partner for product implementation and integration with other solutions. Intellias has a proven track record of working with the world’s leading enterprises to create technological solutions to complex processes. That solid experience, covering different solutions and tech stacks, will allow us to guarantee the shortest possible time to market for our clients.

Oleg Stukalov, CEO & Сo-Founder at Invoys

Invoys provides an ‘off the shelf’ invoicing solution as a service. This new partnership marks a promising beginning for our partnership program, offering our clients access to a diverse array of specialized financial solutions, all of which can be easily implemented into their IT landscapes. This will provide significantly improved value of the service for our clients. Instead of having to go through long market research analysis, the tendering, onboarding, and implementation processes will now be aligned more smoothly with multiple new vendors.

Pavlo Khropatyy, VP, Global Head of Delivery FS&I, at Intellias
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