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RPA use cases to guide your business

ic_Document processing
Document processing

Improve the accuracy and speed of reading various data formats and entering data into databases using optical character recognition (OCR) technology

ic_Front-office support
Front-office support

Speed up the response time and deliver a superior customer experience by equipping your call center or service desk team with a digital helper

ic_Paperless reporting
Paperless reporting

Generate reports and send them to all parties who need them using software bots that pull together required data from different systems on a scheduled basis

ic_Regulatory compliance
Regulatory compliance

Facilitate compliance with security regulations by keeping comprehensive bot action logs for a greater degree of control over your operations

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technologies in focus

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Our tailored RPA services

No matter where you are in your RPA journey — from assessing ideas to implementing a long-term vision — Intellias experts can assist you each step of the way. We will help you identify the optimal approach to automate your workflow, select an initial use case, and develop a custom solution to accommodate your specific business needs — whether you need basic automation or a sophisticated RPA initiative to pave the way for further digital transformation.

Ready to skyrocket your operational efficiency by automating repetitive business processes?

Additional benefits you get when working with Intellias

Technology Office advisory hub to streamline your digital transformation

RPA Center of Excellence comprising top automation experts with extensive consulting profiles

Extensive AI capabilities to enhance the RPA impact and enable intelligent automation at scale

Multiple service models to align development with the pace of your business

Industries we serve

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Intelligent bot for back-office automation

Intellias implemented efficient back-office automation by building a software bot that has replaced repetitive manual work in the company’s daily operations. The rule-based robot takes care of routine P&L aggregation, performs error-free document updates, and provides status reports through email. This allowed us to optimize business processes, cut overhead costs, and save time for employees to focus on highly intellectual tasks.

Learn more Intelligent bot for back-office automation

Automation solution for timesheet management

To optimize employee time tracking and remove the burden of double reporting across the client’s and internal systems, Intellias built an intelligent document processing solution that automates data input and eliminates human errors in data entry. The automated software agent orchestrates the timesheet transfer flow, provides centralized visibility into the team’s activities, and helps the team to save about 60 hours per month by removing manual routine work.

Learn more Automation solution for timesheet management

Robotic solution for email automation

Intellias built an email automation bot to streamline customer satisfaction survey campaigns and collect client feedback promptly and efficiently. The robotic solution links a spreadsheet with client data, a survey service, and an email agent to enable an orchestrated survey management flow. The algorithm automatically handles confirmations with managers and launches survey campaigns on time without the need to manually monitor the schedule.

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Embrace automation easily with Intellias RPA services

Build the right business strategy

Every RPA consultant will agree that the potential of RPA, or robotic process automation, is huge. However, without the right strategy, this potential can’t be realized. What’s more, a superficial approach to RPA implementation or hiring unreliable RPA development service providers might harm your company’s performance.

At Intellias, we understand that the right RPA strategy involves not just sustainable planning but also frequent workflow reviews and constant optimization. That’s why our RPA services cover all aspects of the RPA product lifecycle, meaning we support your solution until you stop using it. Additionally, our RPA service providers address often overlooked issues such as scalability, access control, and change management in a timely manner. With our RPA consultants and developers, you can put your mind at ease.

Find appropriate business expertise

A lack of appropriate business expertise is one of the most common challenges to RPA adoption. At first, things look easy: While your business lays down the requirements, approves suggested solutions, and monitors the end product’s performance, the IT team or outsourced RPA service providers oversee technical implementation.

But the business might lack RPA experience and thus might overlook the full business value of RPA. That’s why in addition to a team of RPA development service providers, an RPA-friendly business analyst or an RPA consultant is crucial for a healthy bottom line. But where can you find such experts? We care about the business side of things as much as the technical. As part of Intellias RPA consulting services, we can augment your resources with a business analyst who’s able to see the full potential of automation in your business context.

Leverage our industry-based approach

RPA services for healthcare are not the same as RPA services for finances or logistics. Still, businesses make the same mistake again and again: They trust their solutions to RPA development service providers who claim to be universal but who in fact have zero experience in their industry. This is another reason many RPA projects fail.

At Intellias, we don’t give empty promises. We deliver. To this end, we don’t claim to offer universal RPA services (though we come close) because we realize the importance of industry context in software development. To date, we’ve built a wide variety of ready-to-use automation solutions in the finance, healthcare, retail, telecom, transportation, and logistics sectors. If you’re looking for RPA consultants and developers with solid experience in your domain, consider our RPA consulting and development services.

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