Mobility Reinvented: Connected Carsharing as a New Business Model for OEMs

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Engineering innovations in the automotive sector bring highly interactive, connected vehicles to life. Soon, cars will become an extension of consumers’ digital life, transforming into computers or even smartphones on wheels. New consumer habits lead changes in vehicle ownership from owning a car to using one on demand, adopting taxi services like Uber or participating in a carsharing community. As this shift is gaining momentum, OEMs must accelerate their connectivity offering.

It’s time to stop selling products and start selling services: connected carsharing and Mobility as a Service (MaaS) are the most promising sectors today. Automakers get an opportunity to move into the profitable transportation and mobility markets. Empowering autonomous mobility, carsharing can help OEMs increase the general public’s level of interest in future mobility offerings as well as capture additional revenue.

In this report, Intellias showcases connected carsharing as a new business model for OEMs and spotlights opportunities for automakers to tap on.

Mobility Reinvented

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