Bring a consistent and seamless digital experience to borrowers. At Intellias, we help our clients satisfy mid-sized companies, enterprises, and even individual borrowers by creating multi-channel trading platforms, loan scoring solutions, and lending marketplaces that shorten financing cycles and make financing less expensive, more liquid, and more transparent. The Intellias team covers all engineering processes from backend development to frontend development and design. We also meet strict requirements regarding security and reliability of lending solutions.

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Intellias helps to develop lending platforms that clients can easily customize, integrate, and extend. Using these platforms, borrowers can get money quickly and effortlessly, so they can focus on their businesses instead of looking for funds. We help clients connect their lending platforms with banks to streamline financing for end customers. Our clients get everything they expect from development including transparency, flexible architecture built from scratch, early discovery phase, and experts with specific knowledge of the financial services industry.

Lending marketplaces

Create a lending solution that provides credit score services and connects borrowers with banks

Loan comparison solutions

Build loan scoring components and responsive borrower-centric web portals and get further maintenance and support

Supply chain financing

Develop an independent marketplace for asset-based financing, optimized cash-to-cash funding, and affordable short-term investments

Invoice-based financing

Deliver a solution for improved cash flows, in-advance payments to employees and suppliers, and fast investments

Fund management

Create a solution to manage investments of businesses and financial institutions in a single, easily accessible place

Success stories

Loan comparison platform back-end development
Our engineering team has helped transform a personal loan comparison tool into an advanced, data-driven loan comparison platform that already helped process over €2 billion in loans. By relying on CD and lean software development practices, we have managed to redesign the platform’s architecture for increased scalability and maintainability without any disruptions to the core business.
New B2B SaaS lending solutions for an American FinTech player
We are helping our client enhance their business lending platform that handles every aspect of lending from borrower evaluation to actual money transactions — all paperless. Our team is fully responsible for the entire backend development for the SaaS lending platform and works on integrating new ML-based engines for performing KYC and lending assessments based on large volumes of customer data and third-party data integrations (3-Bureau Credit Reports, IDCS).
New marketplace for asset-based corporate financing solutions
Intellias team is working on a comprehensive platform for auctioning trade receivables and payables to banks and non-bank investors for our client, who’s a leading B2B working capital optimization provider to Fortune 500 corporations. Using our DevOps expertise, we are helping the company scale the platform’s functionality and deploy new platform features and data integration solutions (SFTP, SWIFT network, e-mail servers).
Data lake platform for a German digital bank
Intellias helped one of our clients gain a competitive edge by deploying a consolidated data lake platform that allowed them to collect, store, and operationalize large volumes of data from internal and external sources.

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