Intellias Stands with Ukraine

Intellias condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine as an act of aggression and takes a stand for peace, human rights, and the international rule of law

Intellias condemns Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and continued assault on the country’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and people. We stand in solidarity with Ukraine and with its brave and dignified citizens, many of whom are our colleagues. We vow to help the people of Ukraine continue living in a free and independent country, and we remain steadfast in our support for our colleagues and their families who are based in Ukraine, including by providing job security, humanitarian aid, and financial assistance.

We greatly admire the adamant spirit, focus, and boundless energy of our Ukrainian colleagues who have been keeping our business operations running smoothly amid increasingly violent events. We are grateful to every Ukrainian employee for their bravery and their support of those in need while demonstrating the highest work ethics, admirable performance results, and unfailing resilience.

Dear Partners, we deeply appreciate your firm commitment to Ukraine and your support of democratic values. Your mighty backing demonstrates our united response in defense of the very fundamentals of humanity: freedom, and self-determination.

Working side by side, we can secure a better future for the Ukrainian people, and for our entire world.

Intellias Stands with Ukraine

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