Intellias Named a Great Place to Work in Spain

The global IT company Intellias demonstrated the highest level of trust in five survey categories according to the Great Place To Work organization

Malaga, Spain — Nov 6, 2023 — Intellias, a global IT company with an office in Malaga, has received the prestigious Great Place To Work Certification. The award recognizes the best employers in Spain and over 150 countries worldwide. The index of trust among Intellias employees reached 98%, one of the highest indicators among IT companies in the Spanish market.

The local Intellias Spain team took part in the anonymous survey. Respondents filled out questionnaires evaluating Intellias according to five criteria: reliability, respect for specialists, transparency of work processes, teamwork, and internal culture. In each of these categories, Intellias received over a 97% satisfaction rating:

  • Survey participants considered Intellias a safe workplace. They reported that the company creates a comfortable environment for growth and development.
  • Receiving maximum high scores were the corporate culture of openness and mutual support, and the no-tolerance policy towards discrimination.
  • Respondents agreed that the company is quick and efficient at implementing changes.
  • Work-life balance, and an opportunity to disconnect from working processes when needed also received the highest marks.
  • Employees were proud to be part of the Intellias team and sincerely recommended the company as a great place to work.

Intellias is a company created by people for people. With this humane approach, we gather outstanding teams of engineers and innovators who develop tech solutions for the future. We put our people at the center of the Intellias ecosystem. Everyone can flourish and contribute in their own unique way. This is what makes Intellias a great place to work

Olha Mozzhakova, Country Head of Intellias Spain

Currently, Intellias has 14 engineering centers worldwide. And in each location, the company makes every effort to create a working environment where all specialists feel valued and supported by their team.

What sets Intellias apart is the deeply human touch as a company, and a well-established culture where such a high level of trust is preceded by a focus on people. Intellias employees feel heard and understood. They are provided with all the means to continue growing both personally and professionally

Patricia Fidalgo, Certification Manager at Great Place to Work Spain

Intellias specialists can choose when and how they work – from the office, from home, or a mix of both – and also manage their careers. For this purpose, the company has developed its own platform, IntelliHub. This platform integrates various corporate services, including skill checks, professional growth planning, progress tracking, mentorships, e-learning, and access to professional communities.

Equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) is also a core Intellias value. The company has signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles and organized an IntelliWomen community, which unites 450 employees. This commitment to EDI is fully integrated into Intellias operations in Spain. Notably, Intellias in Spain has partnered with the WITH Community (formerly, Women in Tech Spain). In this collaboration, both Intellias and WITH actively support each other’s initiatives, and contribute to positive change for women within the tech industry.

Earlier this year, Intellias also received the Great Place To Work Certification in Poland (2023). For several years in a row, Intellias has been rated by Forbes (2021,2022), EY (2021,2022), and DOU (2020-2022) as one of the best employers. The company has also been named the best employer in Portugal according to Teamlyzer (2023) and one of the best employers in Bulgaria according to the Career Show Index (2023).

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