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Integrated Payment Processing Platform Development

We helped a FinTech platform provider make over 100 localized payment options available via a single integration

Key features

  • Optimize and simplify payment processing

    Optimize and simplify payment processing

  • Increase security and provide privacy

    Increase security and provide privacy

  • Eliminate risks and fraud

    Eliminate risks and fraud

Industry: FinTech
Headquarters: UK
Team size: 29
Cooperation: 2015-ongoing

AngularJS / ASP.NET Framework / ASP.NET Web API / Elasticsearch / MariaDB, MongoDB / MySQL / RabbitMQ

About the client

Our client, EveryMatrix, is an agile provider of award-winning software solutions for globally recognized FinTech companies. Offering payment gateway services that enable access to over 150 payment solutions — including PCI DSS-compliant online payment processing platforms, eWallets, cards, virtual vouchers, and banking platforms — EveryMatrix has earned recognition as a leading software vendor in FinTech and related industries.

Integrated Payment Processing Platform Development

Business challenge

Having experienced challenges scaling and advancing the technology expertise in their existing development centers across Europe and Asia, EveryMatrix decided to turn to a reliable software development partner for assistance in developing the solution for integrated payment processing system. Intellias was a natural choice due to our track record implementing platform development solutions, challenging projects, custom software programming services, financial software solutions, and hands-on approach. In 2015, EveryMatrix signed a five-year contract with Intellias to build a integrated payment processing software and develop MoneyMatrix, a B2B payment processing platform with ample risk management and fraud prevention capabilities.

The MoneyMatrix platform comes in three integrational elements:

Payment vendors

To make MoneyMatrix a holistic platform for fast and simple international payments, the Intellias team enabled access to more than 150 payment methods. We empowered our client to partner with vendors that offer various types of payment processing services:

  • Card payments (Visa, Mastercard, Union Pay)
  • Bank transfer (Klarna, Nordea, Trustly)
  • eWallets (Skrill, WeChat Pay)
  • Vouchers (Paysafecard, AstroPay)
  • Mobile (Zimpler, Fonix)

We also added the unique possibility to customize vendors and integrate with any provider upon a client’s request. Access to a wide range of payment vendors allows clients to localize their payment portfolios for target regions and extend their reach globally.

Verification vendors

To allow clients to comply with regulations, we enabled seamless integration with Know Your Customer (KYC), Politically Exposed Persons (PEP), and sanction screening providers. We provided MoneyMatrix with integrated payment solution development and extensive risk assessment tools for verifying both new and existing customers. To detect and prevent fraud, the platform launches new verification processes with updated parameters every time an existing customer completes an uncommon transaction. MoneyMatrix also allows existing customers to edit card details manually after registration, which is a feature not offered by any competing payment processing platform.

KYC and other verification occurs at multiple stages, including during customer onboarding and when fraud rules are triggered. Clients can set up these rules and control how KYC verification is triggered. Usually, verification includes checking age, documents, and sanctions as well as running a check to identify politically exposed persons that present a high risk of corruption. To evaluate the risk score and quickly decide on transaction processing, Intellias added location-based and history-based transaction risk checks.


The third key element of MoneyMatrix developed by the Intellias team is Cashier, the payment processing system. Cashier makes MoneyMatrix a straightforward, responsive, user-friendly, and easy-to-navigate platform with the following benefits:

  • Simple management

Cashier allows clients to easily manage vendors and payment data, including adding and removing vendors, changing supported countries for payments, and setting transaction limits.

  • Solution setup

With this feature, Cashier allows MoneyMatrix clients to control functions such as route processing. This allows clients to amend transaction amounts for any vendor and divide transaction volume across several or all vendors.

  • Multilanguage

Based on location data, Cashier can be displayed in different languages.

  • Card details management

Users can manage all card information, which is impossible in most other payment processing platforms.

  • Adaptive design

The payment platform architecture design can align with the client’s website design.

Business outcome

MoneyMatrix sets the industry standard for payment processing integration by making multi-acquiring, eWallets, online vouchers, instant banking, and bank transfers with over 100 localized payment options accessible to merchants worldwide through a single integration. EveryMatrix offers the following benefits to businesses:

  • Real-time fraud monitoring
  • Customer profiling and verification
  • Independent audit verification
  • Extended back-office solutions
  • DDoS mitigation
  • 13TB data warehouse
  • Real-time business intelligence reporting
  • Cardholder data (CD) tokenization and secure CD storage vault
  • Customizable UI for PCI-compliant CD input and transfer
  • Payment API for third-party integrations

Intellias has helped EveryMatrix:

  • Win the White Label Partner of the Year award in 2016 for world-class delivery of custom-built solutions
  • Launch a product on time in April 2017 that:
    • is PCI DSS-compliant and minimizes the burden and cost of integration through compliant Cashier iframes, a tokenization tool, secure card storage, and a card data environment
    • offers payment functionality enriched with transaction monitoring, shared workspaces, a flexible rules engine, advanced risk mitigation, and customer verification
    • has real-time predictive modelling algorithms that show how to increase the conversion rate.

Built on EveryMatrix’s own battle-tested payment experience, the latest FinTech findings, and outsourced engineering know-how, MoneyMatrix propels businesses internationally by offering multi-acquiring, eWallets, and 150+ localized payment options through a single integration. MoneyMatrix is a unique, secure, and regulatory compliant payment processing system that meets all needs of end customers.

We liked their people and their approach. We liked that they were small enough to allow us to talk directly to the owners. They’ve grown a lot since then, but we have very good relationship.

Ebbe Groes, CEO at EveryMatrix

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