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Benefits retailers get from location intelligence

  • Satisfied customers who can find the products they want
  • Shopping baskets filled faster and easier thanks to in-store offers and digital coupons
  • Brand engagement throughout the shopping experience for additional touchpoints
  • Optimized shopping spaces based on customer flows around the store
  • A better overall brand experience as customers know exactly where to find your store

Deliver convenience throughout the shopping experience

Our location-based retailing services

Intellias engineers will help you build shopping mall navigation solutions, real-time location systems for stores or warehouses, and comprehensive indoor analytics to motivate customers to step into your physical retail store where they’ll continue to get a personalized shopping experience. Applying our 17 years of experience in software development and our deep focus on navigation and mapping services, we offer our clients real-time and accurate intelligent mapping solutions that ensure secure indoor navigation in every corner of malls and other venues.

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Smart connectivity to redefine consumers behavior

Our client, a Fortune 500 company with over 150 million consumers worldwide, has developed a smart connected device that could record usage statistics and upload it to the cloud to get actionable insights on user behavior. The company turned to Intellias for customized software that would fit the existing device and adapt it to users’ preferences of doing everything on the go. Intellias came up with the idea to connect our client’s device to smartphones and computers via Bluetooth. As a result, customers got extra connectivity without having to plug in the device every time they want to update or sync.

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Indoor navigation solution

A global leader in location-based services and solutions, our client decided to expand their indoor mapping solutions offering for B2B and B2C, which would unlock new opportunities for workspace optimization, factory movement tracking, and facility navigation. We’ve helped the company to develop a last-meter guidance service to bridge the gap between outdoor and indoor navigation. This service can guide a driver directly to a free parking space inside a private or public venue based on live parking data, building accurate routes from the parking space to a specific location inside a mall, airport, or train station.

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DevOps excellence hub for consumer engagement platform

We’ve helped one of the world’s top retailers, a Fortune 500 enterprise operating in 180 countries, build and optimize an AWS infrastructure automation platform and bring seamless experiences to 150 million shoppers worldwide. One of the key roles of our team was to build and deploy a seamless infrastructure for applications that other teams implement. Our DevOps engineers were responsible for different parts of the infrastructure and use one of the most advanced DevOps tool stacks to date. The platform has increased customer satisfaction, bringing in more loyal customers and creating sustainable revenue flows.

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Microservice architecture to optimize supply chain management

Our client is one of the top tire manufacturing companies globally and is among the world’s leading operators of commercial truck service and tire retreading centers ranked on the Fortune 500 list. They turned to Intellias for our expert help in the development of a fleet management platform to get all the advantages of microservices architecture: optimize logistics and supply chain management, reduce documentation processes, speed up the workflow, and maximize service efficiency. Our experts have implemented a new back-end architecture to facilitate ongoing changes to the infrastructure spurred by emerging microservices.

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Use cases of location intelligence and GIS for retail

In the store

Retailers can equip customers with an in-store navigation app to help them find the shelf with a product they’ve chosen online. When at the mall, customers can get optimized routes to pick up an entire list of items using a shopping mall navigation system. Due to the lack of GPS connection within venues, indoor retail maps can rely on iBeacon technology to guide customers and target them with personalized offers depending on their location. Location intelligence offers a myriad of benefits for retailers, especially when they link it with other technologies like IoT, which is crucial for creating a cross-channel selling environment.

In the warehouse

Indoor navigation is crucial for location-based retailing and optimized warehouse management. It helps forklift drivers find the best route to a location in a huge warehouse by visualizing all aisles in 3D. Combined with robotics and automated AI systems, indoor navigation can guide autonomous forklifts or robotic loaders without human interaction. Warehouse staff can rely on retail mapping to get optimal routes to replenish items, use indoor location analytics to check stock availability and item’s precise location on the store shelves, and apply indoor positioning to find its location in the warehouse.

Beyond indoor spaces

The combination of outdoor and indoor navigation can improve logistics and optimize the entire supply chain, leveraging the full power of retail GIS. Truck drivers, for example, can get precise guidance to find the right gate in a complex distribution center. Planning the route of an entire fleet may save time and reduce traffic jams due to unloading. Likewise, customers can receive door-to-door directions to get to your store by car. End-to-end guidance for mall navigation may go far beyond indoor mapping, covering the path from the customer’s home to city parking spot, navigating them to the mall, and then – right to your store.

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