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Impress your guests with exceptional digital experiences, deliver tailored services from the lobby to the back office, and win customer loyalty with efficient operation management by integrating hospitality technology into your business.

From engaging mobile apps for holidaymakers to highly scalable enterprise cloud infrastructure, we build impactful IT solutions for the hospitality industry that empower market players to challenge the status quo and gain the upper hand on the market.

By providing AI/ML adoption and consulting services, we help you harness the power of AI technology to turn your visitors into repeat customers.

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Challenges we help you solve

Imagine if you could

  • Build an end-to-end, tailored customer journey

    Transform and personalize your customer experience by creating a frictionless customer journey, from planning a trip to returning home.

  • Modernize legacy systems by moving to the cloud

    Migrate on-premises applications to the cloud and convert legacy code to modern cloud platforms to fit today’s standards of performance, integration, and scalability.

  • Embrace customer-first technology

    Grow revenue by adopting customer-empowering technology such as mobile reservations, digital key systems, and smartphone check-ins and check-outs.

  • Get a 360-degree view for better customer service

    Collect data securely and break down data silos to enhance your business with better visibility and empower your guests with smart recommendations.

  • Streamline operational efficiency with automation

    Automate business functions and replace time-consuming manual tasks with efficient automated workflows, from service desks to client-facing operations.

Our hospitality industry solutions to fit your business needs 

Intellias equips brands on their digital and service transformation journey with a wide variety of hospitality technology services and systems, helping companies create unique guest experiences, orchestrate operations, increase business performance, and grow revenue. We guide organizations through all stages of the product development lifecycle, from discovery and launch to scaling and rollout to new markets.

Our hospitality technology solutions help you adapt to market dynamics and benefit from new levels of service excellence, full operational transparency, and accelerated decision-making that are vital for your business to thrive and keep customers coming back.

Reservation and booking systems 

Support your guests with a powerful customer-centric booking engine providing rich visualizations and intuitive, personalized reservation experiences. Convert shoppers into bookers by allowing them to plan stays well in advance; find the best-matching rates, packages, and room types; pay in different currencies; and personalize meals.

Hospitality management 

Equip your staff with hospitality IT solutions for guest management to analyze information about prospects and offer IoT-enabled personalization. Surpass your guests’ expectations with efficient reservations and request management, mobile check-ins and check-outs, virtual concierge services, keyless entry, digital menus, and automated guest feedback.

Customer experience 

Delight your guests with proactive customer care, efficient communication, and personalized digital experiences enabled by hospitality technology solutions. Build detailed guest profiles based on customer data from every point of contact to enhance stays, cater to guests’ needs and wants, and create a memorable guest journey from start to finish.

Customer loyalty and engagement 

Build strong and lasting relationships with your guests by rewarding them with loyalty points and offering promotions and bonuses for their stays. Strengthen your brand and enhance customer satisfaction with an interactive loyalty solution that encourages your guests to engage with your brand and benefit from rewards, discounts, and perks.

Hotel operations management 

Transform your hospitality business into a gainful and streamlined operation with modern hotel technology solutions. Track staff productivity and daily workflows, ensure 24/7 access to amenity services, and provide guests with intuitive, contactless technology offering touchless payment capability and a hassle-free way to check in and make orders.

Inventory and supply chain management 

Empower your staff with real-time inventory and supply chain technology for tracking goods and services within your operations and ordering supplies in a timely manner. Automate your purchase orders, cut inventory costs, optimize supply chain flows, and accelerate productivity to address your guests’ needs quickly and efficiently.

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Success stories

From startup to enterprise: Vacation rental management platform for a global hospitality company

Intellias fully supported the startup’s move to the global enterprise market by building a scalable API microservices architecture, providing integrations with leading rental services and booking channels, enriching the platform with next-gen functionality, and contributing to organizational transformations.

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Success stories

Digital consulting for decision-making: Employee management system for a premium resort chain

We thoroughly analyzed all possible product development approaches and came up with the optimal, highest-performing, and most cost-effective solutions to fit the company’s goals. As a result of our evaluation, the client received a solid, verifiable framework for building a resilient employee management system.

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Success stories

Digital consulting for decision-making: Employee management system for a premium resort chain

Intellias helped our client implement their business growth strategy with an innovative digital product, from consulting and building an MVP to integrating IoT technology into food delivery operations. Our team’s contribution allowed our client to expand their global presence faster and hold the lead among established food suppliers.

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What our clients say 

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Monika Moser,
Chief Technology Officer, Scandinavia
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Martin Cizler,
Engineering Director, Czechia

Technology enablers for your hospitality IT solutions 

Data and analytics 

Capture, process, and analyze real-time and historical data across your hospitality business and turn it into solid and actionable insights to make smart business decisions, improve inventory and workforce management, customize your offerings for audience segments, and shape unique guest experiences.

AI & ML engineering 

Build AI-driven hospitality solutions that will help you make accurate business predictions to increase efficiency and mitigate risks, personalize recommendations to suit the preferences of your guests, detect operational anomalies to prevent disruptions, and refine your services to nurture a loyal returning audience.

Intelligent automation 

Automate most of your customer care with AI-driven chatbots and virtual hotel assistants to stay connected with your guests around the clock. Use advanced automation to optimize complex processes, gain visibility and control over operations, and reduce human effort on repetitive tasks to help your staff work smarter, not harder.

Internet of Things (IoT) 

Provide your guests with ultimate comfort and safety by equipping your hospitality facility with digital control of the room environment and smart in-room features. Monitor your business infrastructure with advanced IoT systems to get real-time insights on resource efficiency, fine-tune operations, and ensure preventive maintenance.

Cloud and infrastructure 

Make your IT environment more resilient, scalable, and elastic by migrating your hospitality technology systems to the cloud. Build, deploy, and run your applications in the cloud to operate faster and more securely, optimize costs using pay-as-you-go and on-demand pricing models, and benefit from the cloud’s scale and performance.

Security and compliance 

Protect your guests’ personal data, comply with regulatory requirements, and secure your hospitality business from cyber attacks by implementing an airtight cybersecurity strategy. Win your customers’ trust with reliable data protection, strong access control, and other security measures for your booking, payment, and communication systems.

Experience design 

Benefit from our experience design expertise to build apps that resonate with your guests’ needs and business goals. Make your product thrive on the market and increase customer satisfaction by solving real problems for a real audience, eliminating inconsistencies in your final product, and enhancing user interactions and the user experience.

Digital transformation consulting 

Implement a robust digital transformation strategy for your business and modernize your hospitality technology solutions to increase business performance, growth, and profitability, meet guests’ growing expectations for convenience, and bolster your competitive edge on the ever-evolving market.


Tap into our hospitality technology expertise to build an impactful product that your guests will love and trust 

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Our experts

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Fritz Oberhummer 

Vice President, Travel & Hospitality 

Fritz leads Intellias Travel & Hospitality division, driving collaborations with Suppliers, Distributors, and Travel Technology players worldwide.
With over 25 years of industry expertise, Fritz brings a wealth of domain knowledge in travel and technology to our partnerships, helping companies in their digital endeavors.

Artem Barsukov image

Artem Barsukov 

Artem’s career has revolved around the IT sector, where he has excelled in various roles, including project management and delivery management. An accomplished executive with a track record of building diverse teams and shipping blockbuster products across enterprise customers as well as high-growth startups. His professional skills and innovative approach to business value delivery have helped mission-driven organizations leverage the power of digital technology to maximize their impact.
Artem is also a contributing writer and a frequent speaker at conferences and community events.

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