Economies of Scale in Banking: Why It Pays to Build Ecosystems

Banks may have limited visibility into what happens outside the realm of customers’ current/checking and savings accounts. They are also increasingly constrained in distribution because of their monolithic, linear business models, and rigid technology cores. Yet continuity and breadth of financial services are what connected consumers want.

Are there any new business models for banks to cover customer needs?
Why select the platform as a business model?
How can banks grow with partners?

Learn how integrating new players into their product ecosystems will help banks deliver more comprehensive and seamless experiences to consumers. Download the Intellias guide for banks to navigate through the road to financial services continuity.

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  • Why banks and traditional financial players should follow the lead of FinTech digital disruptors in creating value for customers to differentiate and grow
  • How digital banks are making their way to the market through partnerships with legacy banks contributing to financial services continuity
  • How the synergy between traditional banks and FinTechs is building on the banking product ecosystems to provide flawless customer experiences
  • What are the major technical pillars of future banking business models and how they enable transformations within the financial ecosystem
  • How customer-facing banking ecosystems empower banks to build value both for the end customer and for other players in the value chain