AI Insurtech - Embrace the Tech Revolutionizing Insurance

Everything You Need to Know about the Insurance Industry and Artificial Intelligence 

Everything we take for granted about the insurance industry is undergoing a revolution thanks to artificial intelligence. The combination of tools and technologies driven by AI will create a new Insurtech ecosystem that will benefit companies and clients alike.

Change is a constant in the insurance industry, and while AI is perceived as a challenge by some, failing to adapt and adopt this technology means surrendering an advantage in a competitive field. Don’t risk falling behind.
Get ready to join the AI-driven Insurtech revolution and gain all the benefits that technologies like generative AI, machine learning, large language models (LLM), and more can offer. Our eBook will ensure that you have all the foundational information you need to get set for this new era of insurance.

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Get your copy of our eBook to explore: 

  • The key AI technologies currently used by insurance companies, what they’re designed to do, and how they will change the industry.
  • AI’s history in the insurance industry is long and most companies working in the field are already utilizing AI-based technologies. We’ll cover that in more detail.
  • The key pain points currently experienced by insurance companies and how AI can help to improve or resolve these issues.
  • How to move beyond understanding your company’s need for AI-based technologies to what specific tools you should use, and which vendors you should work with.
  • Adopting AI-based instruction. We’ll cover the whole process and provide you with a checklist that you can refer to throughout the adaptation period.
  • Testimony from the Intellias AI and financial services industry teams to highlight how you can make AI work for your insurance business.

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