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From Quotes to Contracts: Telco-native Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Solution

The Intellias team helped in developing a comprehensive Configure Price Quote (CPQ) platform tailored for telecom companies

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Project highlights

  • Tailored solution: The CPQ platform is customized for the telecom industry, addressing its unique challenges and requirements.
  • Integration capabilities: Seamless integration with existing systems, including CRM, ERP, and billing platforms, ensures data consistency, operational efficiency, and a unified user experience across the organization.
Period of cooperation:
6 months
Team size:
3 members
Cloud & DevOps, Platform Development, Telecom & Media
Chesterfield, Missouri

Business challenge

Our client is a multinational corporation founded in the Middle East that aims to develop a platform that enables other communications service providers (CSPs) to modernize their customer service processes. The client recognized the potential for such a solution to streamline product configuration, pricing, and quoting across the industry. Lacking internal CPQ development capabilities, they sought to partner with Intellias to build a robust platform tailored to the unique needs of CSPs.

Technology solution

Working as part of the client’s internal team, the Intellias team improved a comprehensive Configure Price Quote (CPQ) platform tailored to the client’s needs, bringing telco-specific expertise and years of global experience. The CPQ solution is designed to address unique needs and challenges, offering advanced features and capabilities to streamline the configuration, pricing, and quoting processes.

From Quotes to Contracts: Telco-native Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Solution

Configure Price Quote (CPQ) software enables telecom companies to swiftly design product bundles, configure offerings, accurately calculate pricing, and effortlessly generate quotes.

The CPQ platform offers a comprehensive solution tailored for both enterprise and mid-market sectors, serving large corporations, midsize enterprises, and small businesses alike. The CPQ platform caters to the critical business requirements of orchestrating and enhancing visibility throughout the entire business process, from initial sales quote to final order delivery for enterprise clients. Powered by a microservices architecture on the back end, platfrom’s components work together seamlessly, aligning with various business domains to optimize functionality. Here’s how CPQ platform empowers telecom companies:

Customization and scalability

The CPQ platform is highly customizable, allowing telcos to tailor it to their specific product offerings, pricing models, and business rules. With a scalable architecture and modular design, the platform can accommodate the evolving needs of telcos as their product portfolios expand and customer requirements evolve.

Comprehensive product catalog

We have developed a robust product catalog within the CPQ platform, encompassing a wide range of telecom services, plans, bundles, and add-ons. This allows our client to easily manage their product catalog; define attributes, dependencies, and pricing rules; and introduce new offerings with minimal effort.

Advanced pricing engine

The CPQ platform features an advanced pricing engine that supports complex pricing structures, including recurring charges, one-time fees, discounts, and promotions. This means that our client can configure dynamic pricing rules based on factors such as volume discounts, contract terms, geographic pricing variations, and customer segmentation.

Seamless integration

We have integrated the CPQ platform with leading customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems commonly used by telcos. Such seamless integration ensures real-time synchronization of customer data, product information, pricing details, and order fulfillment processes, optimizing operational efficiency and ensuring data accuracy.

Intuitive configuration

The CPQ platform offers intuitive interface configuration that enables customers to easily select and customize telecom services, plans, and features. Built-in validation rules and compatibility checks ensure that configured offerings are technically feasible and compliant with regulatory requirements.

Automated quote generation

The client can generate quotes and proposals quickly and accurately using the CPQ platform’s AI-driven quote generation capabilities. The platform provides customizable templates for quotes and proposals, incorporating configured services, pricing details, terms, and personalized messages.

Analytics and reporting

We integrated robust analytics and reporting features, allowing telcos to track key performance metrics, analyze sales trends, and gain actionable insights. The client can leverage advanced reporting capabilities to optimize pricing strategies, identify upsell opportunities, and enhance customer satisfaction.

Continuous support and maintenance

As the developer of the CPQ platform, Intellias provides ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the platform’s reliability, scalability, and performance. Our dedicated team of experts is available to address any technical issues, implement enhancements, and support telecommunications providers in maximizing the value of the CPQ solution.

Thanks to the solution we helped develop, our client can benefit significantly from integrating CPQ into their sales processes, leading to higher customer retention, improved sales efficiency, consistent pricing, and increased revenue. CPQ software streamlines quoting, reduces errors, and allows for quick pricing adjustments as market conditions change. Here are the primary advantages telcos experience with CPQ software.

High-level overview of the CPQ solution architecture:


Enterprise business domain Product configuration domain Catalog management domain Customer management domain Product delivery domain Cross-cutting business domain SFA integration business domain
The enterprise business domain encompasses individuals or organizations acquiring products from an enterprise, such as a service provider. It encompasses all customer interactions, relationship management, and administration of customer data. The product configuration domain involves managing product offerings, including creating, updating, retrieving, and deleting product offerings and associated products. The catalog management domain includes catalog search and product catalog features. The customer management domain involves all things related to customers, such as account management and site or location features. The product delivery domain oversees the management of product offerings, including creation, updating, retrieval, deletion, and event notification. Additionally, it encompasses APIs for product fulfillment, assignment, and billing notification The cross-cutting business domain furnishes APIs for overseeing cross-domain activities, including security management, indexing and filtering, high-volume data management, chunk-based data processing, and process monitoring. The Salesforce automation (SFA) integration domain oversees the integration of CPQ with external Salesforce automation systems.

Benefits of telco-native CPQ software developed by Intellias:

Cost reduction: Telecoms can minimize errors and costs associated with manual quoting while staying agile in adjusting prices.

Operational efficiency: CPQ software speeds up sales cycles by simplifying the quoting process, enabling telecom teams to generate tailored product bundles for faster sales closure.

Centralized data: Integration with CRM systems creates a single source of truth for customer records, product catalogs, and sales activities, ensuring accurate price quotes and contracts.

Reduced churn: Personalized offers based on previous purchase data help retain customers by providing tailored packages and incentives, enhancing loyalty.

Account expansion: CPQ facilitates upselling by offering customized packages tailored to customer needs, fostering loyalty and reducing churn risk.

Improved sales performance: Guided selling features assist sales reps in configuring products according to customer requirements, expediting sales closure.

Data insights: CPQ technology provides valuable insights into product optimization and customer engagement, effectively guiding sales teams to target market segments.

Revenue acceleration: CPQ enables rapid and accurate configuration and pricing, leading to faster contract generation, fewer billing errors, and increased profits.

Business impact

The CPQ platform is a powerful and flexible solution that empowers telecom companies to streamline their sales processes, optimize pricing strategies, and enhance customer satisfaction. With this CPQ platform, our client can efficiently configure, price, and quote telecom services, driving revenue growth and gaining a competitive advantage in the dynamic telecommunications market.

Additionally, the platform’s scalability ensures that our client can adapt to changing market demands and rapidly expand their product offerings without compromising performance. Overall, the CPQ platform drives bottom-line results by optimizing sales processes, enhancing customer satisfaction, and positioning CSPs for long-term success in a competitive market.

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