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Cloud Service for a Digital Twin Modeling System

We’re developing an AWS-based SaaS platform for digital twins that’s integrated with region-specific payment and tax compliance functionality

Key features

  • Upload indoor environment scans

    Upload indoor environment scans

  • Share building scans with stakeholders online

    Share building scans with stakeholders online

  • Manage users, service subscriptions, and invoices

    Manage users, service subscriptions, and invoices

Industry: Real Estate, Indoor Navigation, Facility Management, LBS
Market: Global 
Team size: 5 engineers
Cooperation: 2017 – present

Angular / AWS / Hibernate / Java 8 / JUnit / Material / Mockito / REST / Spring / Thymeleaf

Business challenge

Our client, a young European tech company, was considering working with an expert in 3D modeling engineering to accelerate their mission to empower enterprises with leading digital twin technology. With products and services focused on filling the long-neglected global demand for quality indoor positioning solutions, our client is among the pioneers who have paved the way for the indoor mapping revolution taking place right now.

The company succeeded in commercializing their indoor mapping concept to offer enterprise and industrial property owners an end-to-end business solution, from 3D scanning of indoor spaces to advanced visualization, measurement, and navigation framework for IoT digital twins.

Our client’s technological approach relies on a compact 3D laser scanning cart, a web solution for viewing and analyzing digitized building panoramas, and an advanced GPS indoor navigation toolkit.

Continuously analyzing their audience and anticipating customer needs, our client keeps pushing their solutions forward with changes and innovations. This led to the decision to build a new SaaS solution providing property owners with 24/7, low-latency AWS-based storage and sharing options for their building scans. With pressing deadlines, our client’s lack of 3D model development capacity for the new solution was a major challenge.

With over 17 years of software outsourcing experience in the Western European market, recognized technological expertise, cloud consulting services, and advanced service models, Intellias was an excellent response to meet our client’s needs.
Cloud Service for a Digital Twin Modeling System

Solution delivered

An Intellias dedicated team has developed an indoor location mapping solution from the ground up in collaboration with our client’s product teams.

The back end we developed manipulates cloud storage infrastructure through a corresponding API. To speed up the implementation, our team collaborated with a DevOps engineer on our client’s side who has profound knowledge of AWS. Our solution acts as a middle layer between AWS and users, allowing them to easily manage cloud storage without needing technical expertise. For example, when property owners need additional resources to host their building scans, the back end requests to launch an instance with the required parameters and, if successful, offers the storage resource to users.

The Intellias team has also developed two responsive UI views, each targeting a specific user group: end customers (property owners) and our client’s administrators.

  • End customers can manage their subscriptions, upload and manage their building scans, generate links for sharing scans with other building stakeholders, and handle their cloud storage resources.
  • Administrators have a wide set of tools for monitoring cloud storage performance and metrics, viewing user statistics, managing user profiles and payments for subscriptions, and much more.

The Intellias team introduced extended payment options that enable end customers from different countries to seamlessly pay for cloud storage subscriptions by credit card within the app. This required integrating our client’s solution with the API of a popular online payment gateway.

Since subscription prices had to take into account various country-specific taxes and fees, our team connected a real-time transactional tax calculation service and tuned it to work with the payment processing gateway. The service automatically generates multi-regional tax-compliant receipts, delivers tax invoices, and offers advanced financial reporting capabilities.

To simplify users’ lives, Intellias engineers implemented single sign-on technology, allowing users to use the same credentials to securely log in to both the cloud storage management solution and the 3D scan visualization platform. The SSO feature is based on a popular open-source identity and access management solution.

Business outcome

Verticals of any type and size can benefit from IoT digital twin technology by integrating digital representations of their indoor spaces into their custom software solutions. In fact, Fortune 500 companies in the automotive, real estate, construction, and insurance sectors around the world are already using our client’s building positioning system to scan, map, visualize, explore, navigate, analyze, and optimize their industrial and commercial properties.

After a successful final product release, our team is now maintaining the solution’s smooth and continuous operation while continuing to increase its practical value, feature completeness, usability, and performance.

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