Сloud + Edge:
A Powerful Combo for Next-Gen Ecosystems

The amount of data generated by Internet of Things (IoT) devices is rapidly multiplying — and this growth is unlikely to stop in the upcoming years. Since it’s vital to analyze and process this ever-growing data influx, technologies have to keep up with the pace and develop accordingly.

Considered to be the ultimate solution for IoT data processing for decades, cloud platforms seem to be losing their positions these days. Managing millions of IoT devices via a cloud turned out to be challenging and problematic.

Security and latency issues keep coming to the surface when cloud-based platforms try to deal with the wealth of information. Such flaws undermine the credibility of cloud services, forcing developers to seek for more effective and reliable means of data analysis.


Many name edge computing a competitive and promising alternative to cloud-based solutions. The edge technology is even predicted to completely replace a cloud in the next few years. But does the new technology necessarily have to substitute the old one? What if we mix them in your next IoT project?

Based on Intellias experience and real-life cases, this whitepaper shows how IoT ecosystems can benefit from cloud services teamed up with edge computing, no matter how different these approaches are.

In this whitepaper, we explore cloud-related issues and analyze if the combination of edge and cloud computing can solve them, becoming the next big thing in data processing.

We offer you a comprehensive overview on the power of cloud computing, its types and deployment models — all analyzed and explained. You’ll learn:

  • What role does the cloud play in the IoT ecosystem?
  • Is the cloud critical for the success of IoT applications?
  • How can IoT and the cloud work as one?
  • What are the cloud-related IoT issues?
  • How can edge computing fix cloud issues in the IoT ecosystem?

Since Intellias aims to be the frontrunner in the field of advanced technologies and their adoption across domains, we have a vast experience in powering cloud-based devices with edge computing. We consider the synergy of cloud and edge computing to be the best approach to ensuring the safety and effectiveness of IoT applications — and it’s all backed with real-life cases:

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Problem: Comprehensive usage statistics and data on consumption patterns are vital for retailers to outcompete rivals and provide a superior customer experience.

Solution: IoT connectivity can serve as a solid tech backbone for building an advanced customer engagement platform to help retailers revolutionize the customer experience and make it more dynamic.


Problem: Real-time execution of tasks requires local processing and sophisticated data analysis along with high memory capacity and low latency.

Solution: Combining cloud and edge computing allows companies to create robotics platforms capable of improving real-time operations and providing powerful infrastructure for data processing.


Problem: As vehicles generate and exchange massive amounts of data, it’s becoming a big challenge to process the collected information efficiently and define valuable insights.

Solution: A combination of cloud and edge computing can help car manufacturers ensure the safety, functionality, and effectiveness of critical autonomous systems.

Harness the power of edge computing to maximize the efficiency of a cloud

In this whitepaper, you’ll find more cases and examples of how mixing cloud and edge computing can transform industries and drive success of IoT applications no matter the domain.

As an expert company in IoT, cloud, edge computing, and other technologies critical for the success of modern organizations, Intellias transforms the IoT projects of our clients. We help organizations to get the most out of private, public, and hybrid clouds, streamline their digital transformations, and shift to SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS service delivery models. When building its solutions, Intellias relies on major cloud services including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and the Google Cloud Platform.

Build the next-gen IoT ecosystem with the cloud & edge combo powered by Intellias.